5 Growth Hacking tactics to grow your business with no money 2021.

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Did you know you can grow your business without spending a lot of money on Ads?In this post, I will share some growth hacking tactics to boost your business by increasing your online presence.

First of all, you have to know about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a way by which you can market your business, reach a larger audience, boost sales, or reach the world. If your business is not operating well, you should definitely consider digital marketing.

Here are some free marketing methods to promote your Business.

Free Marketing Methods to promote your Business.

Tip- Before you start Digital Marketing, you should analyze your potential customers, who you want to target, and which platform they use.

So your time and efforts are going in the right direction.

Going in the right direction and getting results that generate more sales.

1.Grow your Business with Instagram.

Grow Your Business with Instagram

If it is known that your potential customers are on Instagram. 

First of all, set up an Instagram Business account to follow people related to your business so you can see what they’re doing to promote sales or engage potential users.

For example, if you sell clothes as a business, you should follow other businesses in the same niche and find out what type of clothes they are selling, what is newly trending, and what type of post attracts the most engagement.

If you follow someone who is already a master in their field, then you do not have to blend in with crowds.

Make relevant posts related to your business and post frequently. 

“Consistency is the key to success.”

2.Facebook can help you grow your business.

Facebook Can help you Grow Your Business

You need a Facebook page, products on the Facebook shop, and short videos to market your business if you know that your potential customers are on Facebook.

Upload products to the Facebook shop to reach as many people as possible in the Digital Age and grow your Business.

Why are you sitting back?

if you want to learn more about setting up a Facebook store and adding products so you can boost your sales,

Comment down below and I’ll make a blog with a video.

3. Market your business on Google My Business.

Market your Business On Google My Business

Reach a bigger audience by spending no money, Google is the latest emerging platform where companies can market their brands for free.

We have a Software company called Zworthkey, Our reach is going to increase day by day.

Here is the screenshot.

We have now acquired clients after promoting our business on Google my business.

According to my point of view, this is the best platform for small businesses to reach a local audience.

4. Promote your business on YouTube.

Promote Your Business On YouTube

If your business has a targeted audience on YouTube, you should create a YouTube channel.

Example-If you own a furniture shop, you can create a promotional video about furniture, custom furniture, why the furniture solves other problems, why it looks better than others, and how you provide the same furniture at affordable prices.

You can also do SEO(Search engine optimization) of your video which I’ll discuss later.

5.Your business can be promoted over Forums.

Your business can be Promoted Over Forums

You can promote your business in the forum as well.

Analyze your business and search on google for your respective business.

For instance, if you’re selling software, you might answer people in your own category, then pitch sales using the forum.

“Forum is a question and answer platform”

But wait, Don’t promote your business on forums initially otherwise you’ll be blocked.

After your account has been active for a little while, you can promote your promotional links on these websites.

If you get blocked then contact the respective forums to have your account unblocked.

I will publish a blog on how to promote your business on forums.

Here are Some Paid methods for quick results-

1.Advertising is a great way to get quick results.

Advertising is a great way To get quick results

You can advertise or promote your business using Google AdWords, Facebook ads, youtube ads, Instagram ads, and many more.

Advertising on these platforms makes you generate more sales by reaching more peoples.

For example- If you are running a clothing shop and you don’t have many customers, advertising on Google my Business may increase your sales.

With paid ads, you’re going to reach a wider audience, converting you to generate more sales.

Email Marketing would help in generating more traffic if paid ads are not generating enough.

2.How Email Marketing Saves your money during the marketing campaign.

How email marketing saves Your money during the marketing campaign

In this digital age, if you want to save money on advertising, email marketing is your best option.

“Email Marketing- Market your Business through emails”

You can use Email Marketing to follow up with potential clients if you get their email.

For example, let’s say you have a clothing business and you get a potential customer looking for clothing and you get an email. Then you can utilize email marketing tools to follow up with clients.

In this email, you can send a promotion related to the clothing industry and you can try to generate sales.



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