Artificial inteligence

Artificial intelligence is endless,The use of various a.i technology that can be applied to many different sectors and industries. A.i is now changing the world future in various sectors like space and technologies, health sectors,Education sectors etc.

machine learning

In Today’s era, Machine learning is a game-changing technology. By the use of machine learning, the world is going through the digital transformation and move the age of automation day by day much rapidly

AI & ML based Projects List

Price Negotiable Woo Bot

AI Price negotiator e-commerce chatbot is work in the field of negotiating the product price the main purpose of this application to automate the online selling and negotiation based on the specific price of a product

Chat Bots

Chat Bot is very user-friendly for e-commerce stores, an A.I chatbot analyzing the customer preferences which is used to encourage more purchase of products and help to increase the sales, it's also deal with clients smartly and maintain a client record for the future.

AI Analytics

The use of A. I analytics is increasing day by day in e-commerce, the shopping experience is more advanced and it will be more helpful to collaborative filtering and prediction about products and it helps to manage the logistics and NLP is useful as deep learning techniques which elaborate the e-commerce at next level.

Spam Classifier

There are too many emails are generated day by day and email plays a very important role in established communication but there are lots of spam emails are also prevent spam mail there are AI spam filtering techniques used so it's the best tool and easy to filter all type of email

Fake Product Review Monitoring System

In today’s trade market places, product review plays an important role in consumer’s online shopping activities. Most people go through the review process before buying anything on the market. Here many companies review themselves for their product to get the popularity in the market. An Algorithm is utilized to follow client audits through mining subjects and assumption direction from on the web customer reviews and will also block the fake reviews. An algorithm like Decision tree and many more technololgy,

Pollution Monitoring System

We are talking about pollution which is crucial at this time, monitoring necessary so that the world can easily grow. the pollution monitoring system is the best technique to measure pollution on daily basis, by using the advanced combination of IoT and AI techniques which is very useful and efficient to find the accuracy label of pollution monitoring.