Amazon advertising : A Complete Guide For Beginners

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amazon advertising introductory image

Amazon Advertising, or Amazon PPC(Pay-Per-Click) advertising, is very effective and significant. Like Facebook and Google’s advertising console interface Amazon advertising also has the same.

Amazon advertising enables you to reach the paying customers. They check and compare product prices, find good sellers, and begin product quality comparison. And they make immediate purchases.

More than 70% of amazon users use the search bar to find their required products. It allows online sellers, merchants and brands to reach a wide range. It provides you the potential consumers. This feature of with its user’s search nature. Amazon advertising or Amazon ppc  becomes very effective.

Amazon advertising empowers the sellers and brands. It has more than 300 million active accounts of customers. There is no need to tell you that is the number one ecommerce platform across the world. Amazon Advertising takes your product in front of a huge audience. You can groome your business by  taking full advantage of this amazon ppc advertising.

If you’re not an Amazon seller, then you should go onto this platform with your online store products. There are 80 million Amazon users from the United states out of its about 300 million accounts. Most of America’s households have an Amazon account.

Table of Contents

What Is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising is a pay per click ads. It is only for businesses listed on Amazon marketplace. Amazon ppc offers flexible and advanced customizable tools. It has interactive elements,  simple execution, and real-time analytics and insights.

Now there is a need to go beyond the google ads, facebook. When you are going to use ppc advertising but there are other options on the market. Amazon ppc advertising is an effective way. You can reach your products to the huge customers, when they are ready to buy.

One of the most common questions in Amazon advertising today arises in everyone’s mind. Is Amazon advertising beneficial or not? In one word, the answer is yes.

The Amazon advertising network has millions of potential customers. And more than 50% of them search for the products with buying intent. Zworthkey estimates that 55% of consumers are already looking to make a purchase. When they begin their search on Amazon.

amazon advertising overview

Amazon’s alternative platforms

There are many PPC advertising platforms. Some are  Google Ads

( known as Google AdWords), Facebook Ads , Instagram Ads.  Amazon advertising is also doing well along with these platforms.

Amazon ppc advertisers  pay Amazon for the clicks on their product ads. It charges whenever a potential customer clicks on their ads. Amazon PPC platform is an auction place. Here sellers or advertisers bid on search terms (keywords).

It is the way to win an ad position on a search results page. CPC ad position on the search result page depends on its rank, quality score and ad relevance.

Should I Go For Amazon Advertising?

Amazon advertising takes your ad budget from your pocket. But that does not mean that it is a loss factor. You can get multiplied returns on your ad spend (ROI).

If you’re not clear about Amazon advertising, and your first time experience. Start working with a small ad budget. Then keep tracking your campaign to observe its performance.

Always advertise for your best performing products. You will not lose your ad spend for nothing. Once you start to get ROI with this ad, insert more brands and types of rackets of the products. Increase your Amazon advertising budget to expand your campaign reach.

Now it is clear that you may bring sales through organic search. But can’t equalise the Amazon advertising effects. So you should be ready to spend some money for the ad campaigns.

Should you go for amazon ppc advertising

Amazon advertising benefits?

You should know that Amazon deducts your money when someone clicks on it. Most important point is that you have to pay for every click according to your bid setting. The bid amount you set while campaign setup, amazon takes only that much money.

For setting the bidding amount. You have to determine your margin amount, competitor bidding amount. By doing this, you can maximise your campaign results.

Now it is clear that Amazon advertising can grow your business up to any level. You need to create well optimised Amazon ppc ads. Advertising sellers pay only for real worth on Amazon advertising platform.

The Amazon algorithm shows your products to the relevant customers. These are those customers who have shown some engagement before with your products.

For example, if you sell headphones. And customers bought your product through the ad campaign you are running. They found your headphone products via ad. When searching for “lightweight headphone”. You may see your organic rank for “lightweight headphone” boosted as a result.

Let’s know some great benefits of Amazon advertising:

Broad User Base. has more than 300 million users  to highlight your products.  More than 80 million users are from the United states. About 70% of online users are Amazon users in the United states america.

Most of the amazon users make lots of purchases frequently. And spend an average amount of approximately $100 per month.

benefits of amzon advertising

Ad effect on organic results. 

You can improve your products’ organic position by running ad campaigns. Amazon advertising pushes your organic result towards the top of the page .

Detailed user data. 

Amazon has a great amount of its user’s information such as their  habits, buying behaviour, response for ads. Therefore, you can target your audience very accurately, products can be sold in a bulk amount.

Easy to create ad copy.

Amazon advertising is much easier. You can create and launch your Amazon ad campaigns with lots of ease as compared to other advertising platforms.

Detailed Analysis.                                                                                                                     

Amazon ad campaigns can be effectively analysed, you can analyse all the metrics related to Walmart advertising. You can optimise your Amazon ppc ad once you get low performing metrics.

Amazon Advertising Types

There are basically three types of Amazon advertising as mentioned below.

Sponsored Products In Amazon PPC Advertising

This type of Amazon advertising is widely used. Sponsored products ads appear throughout the landing page.  This ad type specially appears on detail pages, and they use targeted keywords to promote a specific product. Sponsored Products ads are well optimized and gain wide visibility, increase sales frequency, control ad spends or bidding costs with CPC ads, and measure amazon advertising success.

Sponsored Brands In Amazon PPC Advertising

This is also known as “headline search ads,” and mainly appears at the top-of-the-search result page. You need to write a well defined headline because it appears on the search result page along with the logo. Remember that Sponsored brand ads bring more sales and brand reach among huge audience sizes.

Amazon PPC advertising Sponsored Display

Now it is clear that Sponsored Display is a self-service, CPC ad tool. It uses automatically generated display ads to target certain audiences based on relevant shopping behavior both on and off Amazon. 

These sponsored display ads appear on Amazon product detail pages as well as retarget the customer on other web places. It appears on the basis of specific interests or viewing history. Sponsored Display is best for new customers. It takes away your ads from competitor pages or captures interest by displaying a related product or service. 

According to Amazon more than 60% of shoppers use more than one channel to make a purchase. Therefore by increasing your presence with display ads you can often prove extremely valuable for your customers.

amazon ppc campaign types

More Amazon Advertising Products

Audio Ads (beta) In Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon Audio Ads enable your product to reach the consumers when they’re not on the screen. It can be 5 to 20 seconds long when created. You can easily listen to this audio between songs on Amazon Music. 

Every business can use Audio Ads to promote their brand, products, or services in front of a huge audience. Because the majority of listeners want free music platforms with ad-supported music platforms. They don’t want to pay for subscription-based streaming platforms.  

Posts (beta) In Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon Posts enables you to increase your brand and product awareness because shoppers browse through relevant categories on Amazon. Posts allow for the creation of images to specifically highlight your brand lifestyle. And it enables consumers to click on your images to know your products or brands. Amazon Post ads act as instagram posts. You can share your post containing brand content for free on detail pages, related-product feeds, and relevant product-based feeds.  

Video Ads In Amazon PPC Advertising


Amazon Video Ads are more engaging as compared to audio ads. It consists of advertising content that broadens your reach across Amazon subsidiary sites. Some amazon sites are IMDb, or on devices like Fire TV. Video ads have a high chance of reaching relevant audiences by only playing when in view. Additionally, Video Ads can be used to support Display Ads.  

amazon ppc video ads

Stores In Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon Stores are free. It is a multi-page destination for your brand. It provides space  to all of the products and services in it to make your portfolio strong. Your brand store is an excellent tool for your business. If you have many products to sell or to build brand awareness on Amazon, it is best for you. You can interpret consumer behaviors, and adjust campaigns based on Amazon’s insights.

Custom Ads In Amazon PPC Advertising

Custom Ads with Amazon need a lot of care and provide the best advertising experience. You can take help from Amazon ad consultants for it. Amazon’s expert team works with brands to create an effective ad campaign to drive brand awareness. It can be created by background creativity.

Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) In Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon DSP is a product platform. You can buy display, video, and audio ads programmatically as you want”. Brands use Amazon DSP to automate their ads for buying and selling products or to reach specific audiences, such as.

 Repeat visitors.

Build a metrics-based advertising strategy.

Drive brand awareness and sales.

Amazon Attribution In Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon Attribution is a product which is specially designed to measure some results. It measures or determines how non-Amazon advertising works with collateral and media performance on Advertisers can best use Amazon Attribution to take great control on your campaigns. If you are running your advertising campaigns on other mediums then you can use amazon attribution. It finds the best performing and effective ad channels, optimizes and adjusts campaigns accordingly. It also helps in discovering the best  content that can drive results.

Amazon Live In Amazon PPC Advertising

How To Create Your Own Amazon Advertising Campaign Step By Step

How to setup amazon ppc ads

Before You Start

Before launching your first amazon ad campaign you should have an amazon vender account. Because you can’t get access of amazon console or even you can’t list your products on

Now after creating your vender account follow the below steps recommended by amazon:

  • Select only those products which have categories relevant to your ads and location you’re targeting .
  • Decide The products you want to advertise. If you want to achieve great success with your campaign. Then you have to select only those products which are available in your online inventory. You should also make sure they are deliverable in time. And these products will not run out of stock in the middle of the campaign. Campaign will terminate automatically because amazon never allows your campaign to run without products available.
  • Review your product pages. Users will be redirected to your landing pages i.e product pages. So you have to optimize your landing pages very well. Amazon gives its own guidelines for advertising on amazon and landing pages. It says that a good product page should include a precise and descriptive title, high quality images. Your landing pages have relevant and useful product information and at least 5 list points.

Create Your First Campaign

If you are new and lack prior amazon advertising experience then zworthkey suggest you to go with sponsored products ads. Because it is very easy to set up and launch.

Let’s create a sponsored product campaign and follow these steps given in sort:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Marketing Services account or create your new vender account on
  2. Select campaign type as “sponsored products”  and then choose the products you want to promote or sell.
  3. Now enter the name of your campaign, the average daily budget and the duration (start date and end date or indefinitely). The minimum daily budget is $1 on amazon advertising.
  4. Set the bidding amount and keywords but before it, go for some background research. You can select keywords from the list of keywords suggested by Amazon to insert in your campaign. Or you can also set your own searched keywords and bids manually. You will also have to manage the matching setting also. By default, the match is wide so don’t leave it as default. You can also add negative keywords to exclude unwanted appearance of your ad for irrelevant keywords.
  5. Now you can Click on the “Launch campaign” button to launch  Your ad successfully. It will be published in less than an hour, but your work is not finished. Because in order To achieve the best results, you have to keep tracking your campaign metrics regularly. It makes you able to optimize according to what is working best.

Lets try to know in details about these steps:

1. Steps to enter into campaign console


Log in to Amazon Seller Central and follow the steps given below. 

Click on  Advertising.

Go to Campaign Manager 

and then click on  View campaign 

Finally click on Create campaign to get started for real optimisation

amazon campaign creation

2. Selection of campaign type

Now you have to decide on the selection of campaign type because it is very important to choose the right campaign type. You have two types of campaign type: Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. This decision will decide where to show your products ads according to search results.

Amazon Sponsored Products - create sponsored products campaign

 Sponsored Brands appear at the very top of the search results page. And these are more expensive than Sponsored Products ads. Zworthkey always suggests its clients to place their well performing products with a high conversion rate. Therefore for that first analysis the  Sponsored Brands ads launched by top sellers of your product category.

Campaign type selection depends on the products you want to promote or sell. But in order to go with sponsored brand ad type. you should have the performance data of ad campaigns for the same products. So Zworthkey’s clear recommendation is: start with Sponsored Products.

You can find out more about the ppc management in our Ultimate PPC Guide. 

3.Go for a Sponsored Products Auto Campaign

Zworthkey starts with a cost-effective Sponsored Products campaign with automatic targeting if there is a lack of campaign data. And then it transfers it’s client findings from the auto-targeted campaign into a manual campaign with full control. 

Read our guide Google ad campaign to understand how to select one out of the two.

4.Campaign name selection

Enter the most suitable name to your amazon campaign. You will get the below interface inside this setting.

Create Campaign_Sponsored_Products

5. Campaign start and end date.

Zworthkey always advises you to decide your campaign start and end date. Because without having your campaign dates in your mind you can’t know the best working days for your campaign. If we talk about Amazon advertising for holidays and special occasions-related ad campaigns. Examples are Christmas promotions, Valentine’s Day offers, Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, etc. If our campaign is targeted at Halloween, we should choose 31st october as an end date.

However, If we want to run our campaign until winter. Then here, we do not set an end date. In general.


6. Set the right daily budget

First analyse the campaign performance for a few days. After this, set your daily ad budget. But try to be price otherwise you may lose your potential customers.


If you are not sure about how much you should spend on the campaign. Then don’t worry, zworthkey will help you to change your daily budget anytime in campaign settings.

Set your average daily budget for the campaign very wisely. It should not be too low and not too high initially.

7. Automatic vs. manual targeting


If you have great experience in amazon advertising then select manual targeting. Manual targeting gives more control in your hand. You can control most of the campaign metrics if you are smart enough in advertising.

Auto-campaigns are automatically assigned by Amazon to the relevant queries searched by the users. Zworthkey recommend you to go with automatic targeting if you are totally new in amazon advertising.  Amazon’s advertising algorithm will handle everything in the background. You do not get much control of your campaign metrics setting.

8. Create ad group

Ad group creation becomes more important in case you have different product categories or different product types.




9. Bidding amount setup

With “dynamic bidding-up and down”You can set the bidding amount in both directions. This feature of amazon advertising is very similar to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) in Google Ads. Now this is the crucial step where lots of care is required. Because it will decide the amount of cpc i.e bidding amount on your ad campaign. It should be fixed very wisely.

An expert ppc management company like zworthkey will focus on this point in order to minimise cps as low as possible.

Our research car campaign should run with as little involvement on our part as possible. We decide to “lower bids”:


10. Set Amazon bid modifiers: “Adjust bids by placement”

 “Adjust bids by placement” amazon bid modifier can adjust your bids by up to +900%. Its predecessor, Bid+ is most important for campaign creation. If you want to appear your products on top of the ad ranks you have to set this bid modifier. Without Bid+ you can’t grab the top positions for your products on the search result page.


Our modifiers for the auto campaign remain at 0% for the time being.

Let’s continue!

11. Insert Negative Keywords

→ Exclude highlighting your ad from irrelevant search query by adding negative keywords

You should have enough data analysis when searching for the negative keywords. Just enter as many queries as you can and analyse the result. It will help you to select your negative keywords. Negative keywords can be inserted any time before or after campaign launch.


Negative Keywords

Now you are all set with  Your first campaign. You can launch it by clicking the “launch campaign” button.


Amazon advertising Campaign optimisation on running time

One time campaign setup is not only the responsibility of any ppc management company. It should be optimized on a daily basis according to the fluctuation of parameters.

An expert ppc agency will insert keywords on a running campaign and replace losing one. Because not a single keyword is there which can perform every time with the same pace and frequency.

Live insertion of keywords needs lots of experience.  So don’t insert any keyword blindlessly otherwise it may leave very adverse effects on the entire ad campaign results. Consult with an expert agency to do that.

Always use any genuine keyword searching platform to avoid the risk of losing your ad budget.Your ad budget should bring maximum ROI before exhausting completely.


Looking for an Ecommerce Solution.

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