Best Jewelry Market Places: Where you can Sell Or Buy ?

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If you don’t know yet where to sell your beautiful jewelry creation online, you are at the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best online jewelry marketplaces so you don’t have to waste your time searching for them. You will be tired of finding the right place where you can sell our goods easily. Let’s discuss this topic in detail. Often thoughts come to our mind. Why should we sell our jewelry online? Which will be the place where we will sell? Will we get its full price or not?

Why Should I have to Sell Jewelry Online?

Buying anything in this age of digital shopping is easy for people. While earlier people looked for good and reliable shops, we got to know good shops through online shopping, got many varieties. Today’s era is moving very fast towards online marketing and we feel that in the next 5 years, the online trend will be in jewelry fashion.

People earn millions, crores of rupees daily through online shopping, whereas earlier this was not possible and people had to go to the market to buy jewelry. In today’s crowded life, people like to do more online marketing without going to the shop. And earlier people used to earn as much profit as today’s people earn. That is why selling jewelry online is a very easy and inexpensive way.

How Zworthkey Helps you to sell your product on the marketplace?

Here you don’t have to worry about How to Sell? Where to sell? If it would be a Sell-Out, But How I will deliver my product to the customer? Team zworthkey resolve all your issues related to the product. Take a Chair get to relax and chill More. Zworthkey has a professional team of developers who can manage easily.

Let’s have a look Top market places Where you can sell your jewelry. Selling products on.

  • Amazon Marketplace.
  • Amazon Handmade.
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Bonanza
  • Own Webstore
  • High-end Auction Websites

Amazon Market Place

Amazon Marketplace:

Amazon is the largest US online marketplace and holds 50% of the US jewelry market share. In addition, it’s also one of the most competitive markets. Amazon buyers are more interested in pricing and logistics than in unique jewelry designs. It fits well in the hands of larger sellers who want to produce more classic jewelry designs or fashion jewelry. On Amazon, most jewelry is sold for under $1000.

Features Of Amazon MarketPlace?

  • Largest product catalog-
  • Product Review System-
  • Excellent Customer Service-
  • Fastest Search Result-
  • Awesome Delivery System-
  • Great Customer Support System-

Why do you Choose Amazon for Selling Online Products?

  • Grow your Business with a Big Brand Company.
  • Secure and Reliable Payments.
  • Stress-free Shipping.
  • No Need To Build your own Website.
  • Hundreds of Millions of potential customers.
  • Low Startup Cost.
  • You can Start Money making fast.
  • Amazon prime MemberShip is the best for the Sellers.
  • Support is always a click away.

Requirements To Sell

In order to sell on Amazon, you will need to access the Amazon Seller Central. This is done by creating an account. It takes just 15 minutes and you need just two things to get started:

a) The GST/PAN information for your Selling business.

b) An Active account to Deposit payments.

Requirement to sell

How to Apply for Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

  • Create your Account.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Seller Central

  • After Completing All the procedures. You Become the Seller.
  • Now sell your product with Hassless fear.

How to Add your product?


You must follow these steps in order to list a new product on Amazon:

  • UPC/EAN Number: A unique 12- or 13-digit number used to track products. There will be multiple listings from different sellers of the same product, but only one product detail listing will be created that matches that UPC/EAN number.
  • SKU: A SKU number is a unique number you create for each listing of a product.
  • Product Title: The title of the product should be as concise as possible.
  • Product Description: Make the bullet points short and snappy so the buyer’s attention is drawn to the product. You can provide an overview of your product in the product description.
  • Product images: High-quality pictures are essential to selling successfully on Amazon. Amazon requires that images are at least 500 x 500 pixels on a pure white background without text or watermarks.
  • Search Terms: The Amazon system allows you to put 50 characters in each search term field for every new product that you list.

Amazon Handmade Marketplace:

The Amazon Handmade niche marketplace is a marketplace for handcrafted, artisan-made goods. A variety of categories are offered, including jewelry and watches. To ensure their products are handmade, sellers must pass a comprehensive application and audit process.

It is a good place to sell handmade, boutique, or one-of-a-kind jewelry because the competition of mass-produced merchandise is removed. Businesses with a smaller catalog can perform better than enterprises with a large catalog of hundreds or thousands of products.

Features of Amazon Handmade:

  • NO Monthly Subscription Fees.
  • No Product Listing Fees.
  • No Other Hidden fees.
  • Exposure To A Wide Audience.
  • Only Handmade Items Allowed.
  • Artisan profile.
  • Access To Prime Shipping.

Amazon Handmade allow you to Sell in the 14 products Categories-

  • Accessories
  • Artwork
  • Baby Care
  • Beauty & Personal care
  • Clothing
  • Shoes & handbags
  • Home Appliances.
  • Outdoor & Home Decor
  • Jewelry & Watches.
  • Kitchen & Dining.
  • Pet Supplies.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Stationery & Party Supplies.
  • Toys & Games.

Do You Know that? Which is the Leading Ecommerce platform?

Leading Ecommerce Platform

Start selling online

Why do you Choose Amazon Handmade for Selling Online Products?

  • Grow your Business with a Big Brand Company.
  • Reliable and Secure Payment System.
  • Only Artisan are allowed to sell their Products.

Etsy MarketPlace:

Etsy Marketplace

Etsy is an online marketplace where independent craftsmen, artisans,and collectors can sell vintage, hand-made, or custom-made jewelry, clothing, home decor, art, toys, painting, and more.

Over 54 million users and 1.7 million sellers are active on Etsy. About 25% of its over 40 million unique listings are jewelry, making it an extremely saturated market.

On Etsy, the highest price range for jewelry is around $4000. Cheaper stones and moissanite jewelry do well here. The Etsy Marketplace allows sellers of loose gemstones and diamonds to sell their goods. But it is unclear how successful these sellers are at the moment. Niche jewelry businesses, especially those with a small product line, focus on customization, and less on logistics, can be highly profitable on Etsy.

Etsy is a platform, where 44.20 million unique users from all over the globe shop for unusual items.

In 2018, its annual revenue was about 603.7 million dollars. Since the beginning of 2020, Etsy generated 197.9 million extra revenue in the past quarter of 2019 with the y-o-y rate of 31%.

Features Of Etsy MarketPlace?

  • Etsy Only Enlists Unique Handmade products like Jewelry, Art & Craft, Vintage collection Etc.
  • Etsy is most popular among women. It has 67% Women Members.
  • Etsy Offers Global Shipping.
  • Real-Time Stock Update.
  • Bulk Product upload.
  • Auto Acknowledgement of orders.
  • Trusted Since 2005.
  • Pay in Installment. (if you’re Buyer)

Do you Know Most Searchable & Bought Items on Etsy? 

  • Best Valentine gift for Gf.
  • Necklace.
  • Pendants
  • Rings.
  • Best Friend Gifts.
  • Candle Light.
  • Face mask.
  • Wall Decor.
  • Best Engagement ring.


Why do you Choose Etsy for Selling Online Products?

  • Etsy is the Best Market Place where the Unique handmade product must be sold out or Bought.
  • User-Friendly Environment.
  • Huge Audience marketPlace 67% of members are women.
  • Selling on Etsy Demands Just 0.20% fee Per listing of products. 
  • eBay Custom order.
  • Targeted Customer Audience or Base.

eBay Marketplace:

eBay has over one billion active listings, two billion daily transactions, and 180 million active buyers, so it offers plenty of opportunities. 

A transition has occurred from an auction-only site to something where most merchandise is offered as a buy-it-now, catalog format (although auction is still an option).

Similarly to Amazon, most successful eBay sellers maintain a large product catalog, as well as strong logistical capabilities. As one example, many South East Asian jewelry distributors sell inexpensive mass-produced fashion jewelry successfully on eBay.

Success with fashion jewelry is mostly about low prices. However, eBay can also work well for sellers of fine jewelry that costs more than $5000 per piece.

Features of eBay MarketPlace:

  • Social Media Button on Listing.
  • eBay Advanced Search.
  • Reach to More Buyers.
  • Easy to Customization.
  • Increase the Sales for Sellers.
  • Lower Product Enlisting fees.
  • Easy to Manage Inventory.
  • eBay Bucks & bill me Letter.
  • eBay Wishlist.

Jwellery ebay marketplace

Why do you Choose eBay Marketplace for Selling Online Products?

  • International Selling and Shipping.
  • Low Enlisting fees than others.
  • Best performance Standard.
  • Best Seller Reputation.
  • eBay’ Bidding System.
  • Quickly judge seller Trustworthiness.
  • Better Shipping quality.

Selling jewelry on Walmart

jewelry walmart


Don’t dismiss Walmart when you are looking to sell jewelry online, but you should know about it. Walmart is one of the largest online retailers in the US, growing rapidly. More than 2.7 million products are available in the jewelry segment, so it is well established.

Walmart is the second-largest seller of jewelry online in a catalog model that suits large sellers, behind only Amazon. To succeed in this market, jewelry lines manufactured by mass-production and effective logistics are critical.

The price range for jewelry at Walmart is higher than its competitors. Price ranges on jewelry typically top out at $3000. It is Walmart’s policy to support its sellers and to also partner with them to create sub-brands. Retail giant Walmart is a great place for jewelry sellers thanks to their growth and overhaul of their jewelry segment.

Features of Walmart:

  • A high level of listings management allows all your jewelry to appear on the marketplace quickly, without any mistakes.
  • Higher listings ranking
  • Payments for Walmart’s Marketplace are processed through Therefore, every seller should register with Payoneer in order to receive payment.
  • No cost to Sell at Walmart.
  • 20% referral fees it takes.

Why Sell on Walmart?

  • Fastest Growing marketplace.
  • World’s second topmost marketplace.
  • Over 110 million Shoppers use it per month.
  • Over 310 million unique visitor visits in a month.

How to Apply to sell on Walmart marketplace?

To start selling on .firstly you have to approved as a Walmart seller, for these you have to complete five-step approval process-

  1. Application
  2. Contract
  3. Registration
  4. Onboarding
  5. Final Review


Bonanza Marketplace: is a more recent online marketplace. It focuses on high-quality unique items, popular among buyers who don’t want to shop at the big-name marketplaces. Bonanza has over 5 million unique visitors a month, so for a niche site, it has some impact.

There’s a variety of diamond and faux-diamond jewelry in the jewelry category, including fashion and fine jewelry; as well as handcrafted pieces and vintage pieces. Selling on Bonanza is similar to selling on eBay, and if you’ve sold on eBay before, then this is a great way to expand your sales channels.

Features Of Bonanza marketplace:

  • It’s easy to import listings from eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify into Bonanza.
  • The Bonanza is growing consistently, with an increasing number of visitors since it opened its doors in 2008.
  • Bonanza gives a high priority to security. Even the seller’s side has access to the platform’s security features.

 Although almost anything can be bought and sold on Bonanza, the strength of the marketplace is a custom handmade and unique jewelry, with a price range up to $250. You may be able to do well if your product is unique and your marketing plan is solid.

Selling jewelry on eCommerce store:

eCommerce is one of the greatest platforms for building your own store. While you can run a successful eCommerce business on online marketplaces, your best tool for jewelry Ecommerce success is your own brand website and store. 

There are no commission fees, strict terms to follow, or onsite competitors to battle. Additionally, you own the brand & products.

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Magento

Ecommerce Platform


Shopify is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform that allows you to build an online store and sell your products easily on the digital marketplaces. Shopify is monthly subscription-based. Here you have not to worry about buying a hosting server, Domain, And other services.

  • Shopify provides you its own hosting server in its plan. Shopify is the latest trending technology. Let’s have a look at the Google Trends in the given sample which is given below.
  •  Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform over all of the latest technology.

Latest Technology

Why choose Shopify for your eCommerce-store?

  • Quick and Easy to set up the Store.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Marketing and Seo tools are in-built.
  • Cross Channel Selling (like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart).
  • More Flexible large App Store.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans.
  • Security and Reliability.
  • User  Friendly.
  • 24*7 Customer Support.

Features of Shopify:

  • The website is highly customizable, including an online store and a blog.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, customer data, and product inventory.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Integration to Amazon, Walmart huge Marketplace.
  • Monthly Subscription Plan

Pricing Plan of Shopify:

Pricing Plans Of Shopify


Woocommerce is an e-commerce platform and it runs with WordPress. If an individual wants to grow your business then woocommerce with wordpress is the best choice it is free of cost to store setup but all woo plugin is paid.

There are several plugins in woo commerce which is helpful to store setup and in woocommerce is having unlimited product list on your store.

grow your Business With Woo commerce

Features of Woocommerce:

  • Rich set of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins.
  • You can Sell Anything.
  • It has powerful Analytics.
  • It has an awesome and User-friendly Content Management System.
  • It is made for only Selling.
  • It is much faster than others.

Why choose Woocommerce for your eCommerce-store?

Shortly, Woocommerce offers a complete eCommerce solution that is fast & easy to use, along with the ability to adapt to the needs of your business.


Are you planning to open an online store or want to move to other platforms? Magento can be a good option for you. So what is it and why should you use it? Answers to these questions and more will be shared in this article. Let’s get started!


Why do people choose Magento?

1- PWA (Progressive web application) Integration.

2- Two Factor Authentication for better security experiences.

3-High end full customization at your need.

4- Multi-Source inventory 

5-Elastic search solution system

Features of Magento:

  • Simple Drag & Drop Feature.
  • Product Recommendation.
  • Open & Customizable.
  • Security & Trust.
  • Cloud deployment
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Commerce.
  • B2B Commerce
  • PWA Studio.
  • ERP Integration
  • Amazon Sales Channel.
  • Headless Commerce Architecture.
  • Global Expansion.
  • Merchandising

High-End Auction Websites:

You can sell your Handmade jewelry on high-end auction websites. Here top most bidding prices you get. Unique & Antique pieces get the more high-level bidding price or it is more valuable than others.

Top 10 jewelry Auction websites:

  • eBay             
  • EBTH
  • ShopLC
  • Listia

Top 10 Jewelry auction websites

How Do I Choose the best Marketplaces?

If you’re not sure where to sell jewelry online, then the best thing to do is to profile your business.

Take a close look at these factors:

  • Your jewelry – Look at your product types, lines, prices, and designs. Find what matches the market.
  • Logistics – How quickly can you fulfill orders? Can you provide inventory in advance? What level of customer service do you have?
  • Your location – Where are you, who are your natural buyers, and how can you reach them?
  • The size of your business – Are you a one-person show or a mass producer? What are your budget constraints? How much can you invest in your online operations?
  • Your social media presence – Are you supported by a community?
  • Your eCommerce store – Do you already have a store-branded with your company?

After analyzing your business, you should have an idea of which marketplace you should use to start selling jewelry online.



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