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Want to get Monetize with Blogging Website?
Best step to get monetized with blogging
  • Offer paid membership plans

  • Become a freelance blogger

  • Make money from online ads

  • Become an affiliate marketer

  • Write sponsored posts

  • Get sponsored by a brand

  • Sell online courses

  • Offer coaching or consulting services

  • Continually promote your blog by proper seo technics, email marketing and social posting 

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Get Start Your Online Blogging Site with Zworthkey

Create a blog and make your online presence

We develop and design fully customized blogging website with highly SEO oriented with right marketing strategy to build your brand and grow a loyal audience reader.

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Choose a blogging platform

The best blogging proven platform in a market are Wix, Wordpress or cutomized developed Laravel Solutions for more dedicated blogging experiences. You can also prefer blogger for basic or to get start initially. 

Pick a right  hosting

This is most important to choose right hosting for smooth, fast and reliable user experience.

Find the right niche

Narrow down your topics and to cover a specific audience in mind.

Select a blog name and domain

To make your site as a brand and recognisable always need to get it link with 

We Set up and design your blog

Choose perfect theme and color with proper layout for better experience and easy to navigate for each visitor is game player. We have a expert theme development and UI/UX member who will definitely help you to meet your needs with highly professional way.

You have to Brainstorm blog topics

Write down all your ideas before narrowing down topic selections to keep the proper list of topics that make your blogging journey easy by saving your lots of time.

Promote your blog

Use marketing strategies like email marketing, social marketing and if needed paid marketing to  to expand your reach initially.

Prepare an editorial calendar

Create a calendar to help you publish consistently and hold yourself accountable for regular posting.

Write your first blog post

Engage your audience with a killer title and use headers to make the content outstanding.

Make money through blogging

Once all setup done properly than take advantage of opportunities to monetize your blog with right existing multiple ways.

Roadmap to become a successful blogger

We have listed down some important topics to make successful your blogging business.

Fundamental Of Blogging

five key principles of blogging

  1. Know your niche

  2. Deliver quality content

  3. Offer value

  4. Drive engagement

  5. Establish your authority

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Get active on social

  • Turn to the most popular social channels

  • Share with like-minded communities

  • Use the power of other blogging sources

  • Combine your efforts with vlogging

  • Engage with influencers

Advertise through other outlets

  • Build a member’s area

  • Advertise on Google

  • Create a weekly newsletter

  • Add a link in your email signature

  • Guest write for other blogs

  • Speak at events

Speak at events

  • Add social sharing buttons

  • Include powerful CTAs

  • Create cool visuals like infographics and charts

  • Use mixed media

  • Write an eBook

  • Translate your posts to other languages

Boost your SEO efforts

  • Get serious about your keyword research

  • Optimize your meta tags

  • Write alt text

  • Learn from competitors

  • Gain backlinks

  • Sprinkle in internal links

  • Add schema markup to your blog

  • Enable AMP features

Best steps to market your blogging business

Here are the 4 basic steps that helps your blogging business to grow year over year. Make sure to follow of these points to become a successful blogger.

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