11 Smart ways to grow your clothing business on Instagram.

How to grow your clothing Business on Instagram
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Did you know that many peoples use their Instagram to grow their clothing business? In this blog, I have shown the 11 smart ways that help to grow your clothing business with examples.

Applying these strategies will help you a lot.

Let’s Dive In.

1.Upload your products on Instagram:-

grow your clothing business on Instagram by uploading products

Yes you have products but who knows, you have to showcase your products to the audience who shows interest in your clothes and want to purchase with you.

Uploading high-quality product images interact with users more and representations enhance users to make a purchase.

Here are some screenshots that I have shared with you.

2.Add customer review to Instagram Story:-

add customer reviews

By adding your customer reviews to Instagram stories you can build the trust of other Instagram users who visit your profile.

You also ask your customers to give a review on your products, it builds high trust in your audience.

3.Take Advantage of Festive season offer:-

grow your clothing business on Instagram by taking advantage of festive season.

As sales are increasing in the festive seasons, offer your products during the festival to get high engagements and sales.

In this duration don’t miss the chance to showcase your clothing products to your audience.

Clothing products that are on sale or buy one get one offers to engage users more.

4.Reply to users comments in Instagram:-

Replying to comments on Instagram will make a strong bond between your customer and seller, whenever uploading your next posts it will make your users interact with your posts.

Like comments and pin comments.

5.Run contests and Giveaways:-

grow your clothing business on Instagram by running contests and giveaways.

Run a contest on Instagram such as First 100 followers will get free shirt

Or like that participate in an event and win a free shirt at your doorstep, link is in the Bio.

You can use gleam.io to make your contests and giveaways to generate links and paste them into your Instagram Bio section.

6.Update Instagram Bio:-

Update Instagram Bio

Update your Instagram Bio to make it relevant to your clothing business. It helps your users to know what you are selling.

Mention your terms and conditions in the Highlighted and Listed format to attract visited users.

Ask people to DM(Direct Message) in the Bio, when there is chat interaction there is a high chance of getting sales.

7.Use Hashtags in IG Posts:-

Using the right hashtags will make you appear in the search or get in front of those people who have their interests in that or search in the past.

Use relevant hashtags and not too much because it confuses the Instagram algorithm and didn’t show greater results.

8.Consistency of your Posts:-

It is the most important point in all of them because initially when you start on Instagram you can’t get many engagements at that time you don’t have to stop for at least 15-20 Days.

After that, if you can’t get results for what you have put your energy into, then ask us in the chat section or Contact us via mail that helps me to grow my clothing business on Instagram.

We’ll make a personal plan for you and back to you asap.

9.Add products in the IG stories:-

Adding products to the IG stories

Add your clothing products to the Instagram stories section and it will appear to your followers and get notified to your followers that you have added a story.

Tip:-In the stories add stickers of ask for DM.

10.Use Instagram Reel:-

If you hire a model and he/she can showcase your products in a stylish or trending manner and told him/her to mention ask for DM on Instagram or link in the Bio section.

This type of Branding influence users and make them think that they could look like them, it drives a sales towards your brands.

Tip:-  Add trending hashtags in the reels that are relevant to your business it will boost your Instagram Reel.

11.Use CTA in the Posts, Reels, and IGTV:-

When you use a call to action it makes users alert and makes an action. If you upload posts but didn’t use any CTA then they like or comment on your posts, reels, and videos but they didn’t drive any action.

Use CTA like that-

Ask for DM

Buy Now

Link in Bio

These short CTA buttons will make users make an action.

Explore our Page:- Instagram Marketing

Note:- The screenshots and images we have linked for educational purpose.


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