Codeigniter Vs Phalcon | Detailed Comparison As Of 2021

Codeigniter vs phalcon
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Hey Folks in this blog post you are going to learn about Codeignite Vs Phalcon in detailed so please Dont skip anywhere read this blog till the last

Why to choose CodeIgniter ?

1- MVC and HMVC  framework 

             CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework for constructing web applications rapidly. It is an implementation of the popular Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern. 


While controller classes are an essential component of development, CodeIgniter also comes with pre-built libraries for connecting to the database and performing various tasks, such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.

Modifications of CodeIgniter can make use of Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) that allows the developers to arrange Controller, Model, and View in a subdirectory format. 


2- Open source and well documented

          CodeIgniter is an open source PHP web application using the Codeigniter framework, which is very easy to learn.Its documentation very well defined any fresher can easily understand and implement in his project.

3- Community support

    It has a big community and very supportable members in the community whose help to grow our knowledge and also support any type of query related to codeIgniter projects etc.


4-Reduce server response time:

The server response time is the number of seconds it takes for the server to respond to a browser’s request. A good server response time indicates good performance optimization of CodeIgniter. 


     Some tools to scale down include utilizing good web hosting services, making use of fewer server resources, etc. CodeIgniter Development Services help to improve the server response time and the overall performance of your website.


5- Lightweight


      It helps developers build any type of website, web application, CRM, and ERP software. It does not consume more memory in our system and doesn’t take up extra space on the server. It is costly, but you can use any additional feature that is included in the software or web application at any time without any limitation.  


6- Customizable


It is totally customizable. Codeigniter has built-in libraries that are designed to assist with web tasks such as database management, form validation, and e-mail sending.

Some advanced features are:

1- Security and XSS Protection.

2- Localizing.

3- Error reporting.

4- Data encryption, file upload, page management, session management.

5- Zip encoding class.

6- Flexible URI Routing.

7- Full-page caching. 


7- Beginner friendly framework: 

One of the great features of Codeigniter is its user friendly framework. Any new developer can learn coding and development here quickly and easily. Many of the classes and libraries have already been defined and most of the environment work has already been performed.


8- SEO Friendly: One of the great features of Codeigniter is its segment-based approach, instead of the traditional query approach. Because they are search engine friendly, they don’t cause problems.

Features of phalcon

Codeigniter Vs Phlacon- Why should you choose Phalcon?


1- High performance 


Phalcon is an open source programming framework that is written as a C extension. High performance is optimized on Phalcon. Its unique architecture allows the framework to always exist in memory to provide its functionality anytime it can be used, without incurring unnecessary costs for file stats and file reads, which are common in traditional PHP frameworks.


2- Scalable


 Startups and small businesses can’t remain that way forever, and their development teams grow as more projects are given to them. Therefore, with Future Hosting, scaling is as easy as setup. We’ll scale your server smoothly to meet your needs, and at an affordable price that’ll make you smile.

Specializing in secure SaaS deployment, we have a great team of developers who provide seamless support for our customers. You won’t have to worry about your code getting in the hands of a rival company or developer, as you won’t need to spend time worrying about encryption or data integrity. We’ll handle everything and leave you to focus on your job.


3- Automatic routing


The Phalcon \MVC \Router component allows you to define routes, mapping them to controllers and handlers that receive or respond to requests. The first mode is ideal for working with MVC applications. The second mode is for matching only.

The router component allows users to define routes and then connect them to controllers or handlers that handle the request. A router determines this information by parsing a URI. Match-only and MVC are the two modes available on the router. First, the environment makes it possible to work with MVC applications.

4- Versatile and Flexible


Phalcon is flexible and versatile in the development space.  Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework written in C, with a high Performance architecture. As a result, it is 10 times faster than other frameworks. It is a developer friendly system and can be customized to the platform developer’s liking. Developers prefer it because it is fast and flexible and occupies less room in development time. 


5- Great for API


In Phalcon we can develop API and integrate API. It is great for API and fast response Almost all permutations of a RESTful application have one thing in common: a User entity. So, for our example project, we will create a tiny REST application to create, read, update, and The API consists of the following methods:

Method URL Action
GET /api/robots Retrieves all robots
GET /api/robots/search/Astro Searches for robots with ‘Astro’ in their name
GET /api/robots/2 Retrieves robots based on primary key
POST /api/robots Adds a new robot
PUT /api/robots/2 Updates robots based on primary key
DELETE /api/robots/2 Deletes robots based on primary key


6- Great for SaaS


Phalcon is best for SaaS development. Here we clear which type of work SaaS do? Imagine a bank that provides reliable and secure service to every client, while ensuring that privacy is protected. This is how SaaS works. 

Multitenant architecture, in which all applications and users access a single infrastructure and codebase that is centrally maintained.

Phalcon SaaS vendors can innovate more quickly and save time on development by sharing existing infrastructure and code base.


7- Clean Architecture


The Phalcon framework is very simple in structure and it has only a small number of files embedded in it. Its platform architecture is very clear and developers will appreciate it. Enhanced access to data from any networked device while improving privilege management, monitoring data usage, and ensuring all users see the same information at the same time.


8- Very Customizable


 The ability to quickly and easily customize applications to fit the business processes of individual users without attachment to common infrastructure. SaaS is designed in such a way that this customization is specific to each company or user and is always preserved during upgrades. There is less customer risk and lower adoption costs since SaaS providers can upgrade more often.

9- MVC framework

Phalcon is referred to as a web framework. It is a PHP framework based on the model view controller architecture or pattern. It was mainly developed by Andres Gutierrez. It was initially released in the year 2012. It is written in C and PHP. It supports different platforms like Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, and windows.

Zephir/C extensions, as well as Phalcon, are loaded together with PHP one time during the web server’s startup process. The code cannot be interpreted as it has been compiled specifically for a platform and processor. These classes and functions can be used straight away for any application. Phalcon features some basic elements like low overhead, which reduces memory consumption and CPU usage in comparison to other frameworks. Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Hierarchy-Model-View-Controller (HMVC) are commonly used with Phalcon.

Dependency injection, Rest, Autoloader, and Router are also available as features on the server. 


10-  Super Lightweight


Phalcon is a Super Lightweight less file included in the framework. It is totally written in C, so fast in implementation. This framework is completely based on the traditional MVC framework. Since the files are well structured and readable, maintenance is relatively easy, however, it is difficult to install on shared hosting.





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