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Increase Engagements, Improve Social Reach, Increase Traffic and Boost your sales via Facebook Marketing.

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Why you should choose Facebook Marketing?


2.8 Billion

Facebook monthly active user is 2.8 Billion and daily active user is 1.84 Billion.


$27.2 Billion

Ad revenue generated by Facebook was $27.2 billion in Q4 2020


200 Million

Over 200 million small businesses across the globe make use of Facebook's tools.


6 out of 10

More than 6 out of 10 US citizens aged 12+ say they use facebook.



65% of Facebook users are under 35 years old.



More than 98.3% of Facebook users access their social media app using a mobile device.


19.5 hours

Average spent time of facebook users on app are 19.5 hours each month.



In the United States, 86% of marketers advertise on Facebook.

Types of Facebook Advertising

Brand Awareness

Make sure your ads are shown to the people you think are most likely to remember them.


Show your ad to as many people as possible.


People can be directed to any destination, including a website, app, Facebook event, or a Messenger conversation.


Boost your page likes, event responses, social media engagements, comments, or share. 

App Installs

Promote your app to people who are most likely to download and engage with it.

Video Views

Video ads are more effective than static ads.

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your Business and Brand.


Get more people to message on your Business via messenger or DM on Instagram


Show Ad to those people who take valuable actions.

Catalogue Sales

Advertise to your target audience using products from your catalogue.

Store traffic

People who are close to your physical stores are most likely to see your advertisement.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

build brand awareness

Develop Brand Awareness

To increase Brand Awareness, Our Social Media Marketing Services will help to grow your Followers with a relevant audience based on Demographics, interests & Behaviors.
build engagement

Build Relationship

Our Social Media Marketing Services help to Build Strong Relationship with your Audience because people are more likely to buy from engaged Brands. We'll help to increase Likes, Comments, etc.

Increase Website Traffic & Conversions

We build the Advertising campaign that drives a high volume of traffic to your Website, to increase the conversion we'll focus on retargeting the AD to visited users.

Some Examples of Facebook Ad Designing

Ad Design

How We Target your Audience?

Demographic geotargeting

Demographic analysis

Target your potential customers depending on demographic analysis such as Gender, Age


Target your potential customers based on a specific location.

Detailed Targeting

Target your audience based on their interest and behavior.

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