Headless Commerce: The Future Of Ecommerce

Headless Commerce
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Headless Commerce: The Future Of Ecommerce

Some of you have never heard about Headless commerce. Headless commerce sounds cool but not so easy.

Shopify has limited functionalities, poor SEO performance, and standard design.

Today in this blog we will answer these questions- what can they do about it? How can they integrate additional functionalities, improve SEO, and customize their store designs?

The answer is simple, but not easy: “headless eCommerce”.So, First of all, we’ll know about it.

What exactly is it? How Does it work? and How will it be helpful for us?


What is Headless Commerce?

In Simple words, Headless commerce means separating the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. With this architecture, brands are given the freedom to create whatever they want. In addition, it allows brands to enhance the customer experience. 

This concept is based on the separation of the front-end (presentation-driven) layer from the backend layer (functionality-driven) to provide a seamless and customer-oriented digital experience.

To put it another way, headless commerce architecture is built for the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Headless eCommerce applications are those in which the front-end customer experience is disconnected from the back-end. The front-end must be updated without any interference from the database.

Through the headless commerce architecture, users and developers have the option of creating and connecting their own ‘heads’ (touchpoints) to the back-end via an API call, giving them a choice of delivering an exceptional experience to their customers.


The three-building layers of headless commerce include:

  • UX Experience
  • API Layer
  • Technology Infrastructure

Headless commerce

Benefits of headless commerce online Selling Merchants:

There are multiple benefits to using both a content and commerce strategy.

With content- and experience-driven strategies, brands can benefit from following these:

  • Advanced technology is used to create fast website and visionary
  • A familiar interface for developers.
  • Design a Seamless Customer Experience
  • Ownership of the entire site architecture
  • Innovative marketing without harming backend processes.
  • International and omnichannel GTMs must be fast to market.
  • Improved conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

In addition, headless commerce creates a large number of opportunities for brands that wish to begin with a content-led strategy. As a result, digital eCommerce users can now fully customize their shopping experience.

1.Advanced technology is used to create fast website and visionary

New technologies can be tested in a headless environment. The front-end of this platform is not tied to the back-end, allowing developers to create whatever they want without being restricted by a traditional CMS.

Most eCommerce websites have a frontend or ‘head’ which is the theme or template that customers see. Headless enables more flexibility in content delivery as it can be integrated with content- or experience-driven commerce systems, such as CMSs, DXPs, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Then you can switch out the front end without affecting the backend.

Shopify and Shopify Plus offer GraphQL Storefront APIs that allow remote sites to access storefront data. As a result, information previously available only through the Storefront API can now be accessed.

Using an API, a headless eCommerce platform can deliver content anywhere. As a result, traditional eCommerce platforms can deliver goods much faster and provide a better shopping experience for the customer.


2.A familiar interface for developers

The benefits of headless commerce include a choice of the eCommerce platform that works best for the store, while also allowing brands to customize the frontend to their specifications, whether it’s a CMS, a DXP, a PWA, or custom-designed for the brand.

When a development team is comfortable with a certain platform or language, headless allows them to continue using their preferred tools while streamlining and optimizing their processes.

Shopify Plus makes the headless eCommerce solution easier for the Developers.


3.Design a Seamless Customer Experience

The headless commerce solution gives you full creative control across all customer touchpoints to create a cohesive customer experience. Thanks to the Shopify Plus commerce engine, you can integrate your business tools and content management systems to create custom storefronts as expressive as your brand.


4.International and omnichannel GTMs must be fast to market

Using all of the advantages above, consider how they can be applied to the process of launching in a new geographic area or launching a micro-brand.

An easy-to-replicate headless solution is easily optimized for international SEO and connected to an overall data orchestration infrastructure once it has been established.


5.Ownership of the entire site architecture

Some of the components of headless are decoupled (mainly the frontend and the backend). To increase control, headless platforms separate content management applications from content delivery applications.

Some brands choose headless because they already run a frontend solution that is working well, but they need more from the backend.


Drawback of headless commerce:

There are two key issues with headless commerce platforms. 

1. Recurring Costs

The only thing a headless commerce platform cannot offer is a front end, so developers have to create their own. From a developer’s perspective, this is great, since it allows them to tailor the front end for each device and touchpoint. A user interface and template built from scratch, on the other hand, can be complex and time-consuming. Developers will also be required to troubleshoot their own front-end code, adding to the cost of initial development.

It costs even more when the marketing team has become isolated, and now completely depends on the IT team to launch landing pages and content across a number of devices. This brings me to…

2. Lack of communication between marketers 

Due to the lack of a front-end presentation layer in a pure headless commerce system, marketers can no longer:

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to create content
  • Check to see what the content will look like on the device or screen of the end-user
  • Easily generate content, approve it, create it, and publish it without relying on another department

On the contrary, marketers are totally dependent on IT to provide them with the front-end presentation layer, keep it updated, and populate it with content. Definitely not a marketer-friendly environment.

How Headless Commerce Works properly?

In the same way as headless CMS, a headless eCommerce system works by passing requests between the presentation and application layers using web services or programming interfaces (APIs).

For example, when an eCommerce user clicks a “Buy Now” button on their smartphone, an API call is sent from the presentation layer to the application layer to process the order. This step allows the application layer to display the status of the customer’s order to the application layer.

Find the endless way to Customize…..

Create a shopping experience that is as unique as your customers. With customized content, you can show your fans how much you care about them.

  • Create a fully customizable storefront or a progressive web application using Shopify Storefront APIs or JavaScript SDKs.
  • Shopify SDKs allow you to build beautiful front-end experiences for web, mobile, and gaming.
  • Customize customer experiences based on your chosen criteria for each customer segment.

I hope you will enjoy the article, and would you like to read more articles click here.


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