Laravel In SaaS Software-as-a-Service

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Laravel In SaaS

Laravel In SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Laravel is best for SaaS-based development. Laravel enables you to make the perfect SaaS application because it includes all the necessary modules for subscriptions, payments, and admin dashboards.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is about multi-user applications that offer different features to a wide range of users.SaaS products are used instead of existing ones to develop better apps, which take advantage of the features SaaS products have to offer to help businesses add value to it.


The functionalities of the Laravel SaaS product are simplified by using this framework such as deal based offers, full users, and others.Furthermore,Laravel can be used to develop SaaS products able to accommodate thousands of users because it’s extensible and robust.


1- Internal caching system

2- Routes Caching

3- Autoload Optimization

4- JIT Compiler

5- Minification

6- Eager Loading

7- CDN

8- Develop Admin Dashboards

9- Subscriptions

10- Payment Gateway


Laravel Spark 


Laravel Spark is the perfect way to start your next big project. Spark provides a well-designed billing management center when you combine it with a Laravel application starter kit like Laravel Jetstream or Laravel Breeze, or whichever frontend you choose. Spark, which is powered by Laravel Cashier, allows your customers to switch between monthly and yearly plan subscriptions. It provides users with a self-contained, beautifully designed billing portal through which they can manage their subscriptions, update payment methods, and download receipts.

Laravel Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer also provides a SaaS based service where anyone can deploy any project. It is also connected to your hosting servers. Envoyer is a zero-down-time deployment tool for PHP & Laravel projects, which means that it connects to your server via SSH to run deployments, utilizing a series of tools to ensure that each deployment runs without any downtime.





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