3 Different Ways To Make Money From Facebook Through Video Content 

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Earn Monrey From Facebook

Hello, folks in this blogpost I am going to tell you how you can earn money through your Facebook videos. so please read full blog without wasting your time lets get started 

In this era Everyone wants to earn money online this is the best opportunity if you are a video creator because today Facebook brings Three new ways by which you can make money through your videos on Facebook.

Facebook recently introduced several new video advertising monetization options, including:

  • Video shorts are an easy source of revenue.
  • More content creators would be eligible.
  • Making the process of getting money from viewer contributions easier for creators.

Facebook Pages can earn revenue through videos if they meet several criteria.

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Eligibility requirements have been updated

Facebook has updated its eligibility criteria to allow more Pages to monetize their videos with ads.

For each type of video ad, Facebook has its own set of requirements: in-stream, live, and gaming. These requirements are constantly being updated.

You can advertise in-stream Only if you are available ( facebook )

Advertisements that appear in-stream are those that run during or before a video.

Facebook Pages must fulfill the following conditions to appear in-stream.

  • Any number of hours of video an individual has viewed from any combination of videos in the previous 60 days. This includes regular video uploads, live streams, and recordings of live stream
  • You must have published your videos, not deleted them, and ensure that they are compliant with our content monetization policies.

Previously Facebook only allow ads to the videos which are longer than 3 mins but now Facebook allow ads to short videos and live streams

Facebook is not going to allow ads to personal account but if you have page with more than 10K followers then you can monetize it

There are so many different ways by which you can earn money 

Earn Money

Now Facebook allows pages to monetize their Short videos which are up to 1 min

You can get mid-roll ads if your video is more than 3 minutes and Mid-roll ads will be shown after 45 seconds 

Eligibility In The Light Stream

Pages that plan on monetizing live streams must meet separate eligibility requirements.

Additionally, pages will be required to meet the criteria in the section above to run ads while being life: 60,000 watched hours in the past 60 days.

You Can Earn Money Through Viewers Directly

facebook Stars

You can earn money through Stars but only When your page is eligible for running ads in live streams.

Now the Question Is what Is Stars

It is a type of digital currency which can be bought from real money online by a user and it is used for sending to creators


Content Source – Newsroom By Facebook




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