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Build Brand Awareness, Improve Social Reach Increase Traffic and Conversion via Pinterest Marketing.

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Why you should choose Pinterst Marketing?


85% Pinners

85% of Pinners interact with visual content that increases Pins engagements.


322 Million

Monthly Active Users on Pinterest is 322 Million.


7 out of 10

Every seven out of ten Pinterest users are female.


200 Billion

There are 200 Billion pins are saved on Pinterest.


3 out of 4

More than 3 out of 4 or 77% of weekly pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.


2 Billion

More than 2 billion text based and guided searches and carried out on Pinterest every month.



More than 50% of Pinterest users are live outside the US.


8 out of 10

8 out of 10 Pinterest users have bought products based on their brands content on Pinterest.

How to grow your Business

via Pinterest Marketing

account optimization

Account Optimization

Optimize your Pinterest account so users can easily determine your Business type and interact with your Business.
create collections

Create Collections

Create your collections of images with specific determining Boards so users can easily find and save collections.
taller images

Taller Images

According to t Pinterest Marketing strategy, taller images work better than wider images.


Save posts on your profile which is relevant to your Business and make an awesome collection relevant to your industry.
follow on pinterest

Follow on Pinterest

Follow people who are relevant to your field so you can stay up to date on the latest developments in your industry.
hashtags and keywords

Keywords & Hashtags

Use keywords and hashtags in your posts when users search on Pinterest they can find you there.
share links

Share Links

Share Links to your Blogs and Websites within your Pinterest posts to get traffic on your website.
infographic pins

Infographic Pins

You can increase your Pinterest post engagements via uploading Infographic pins.
lead magnets

Lead Magnets

Attract your users via lead magnets, provide them some valuable information in return for their emails.
pinterest seo

Pinterest SEO

While posting your pins on the boards, don't forget to optimize your titles and description with relevant hashtags.
proper description

Proper Description

There must be a proper description of your business it improves your account SEO and user interaction.
Brand authority

Brand Authority

Increase your Brand Authority by interacting with your audience, reply their comments and message them directly.
increase reach

Increase Reach

Increase your Reach while post your contents daily, according to the Pinterest Algorithm daily post improve your audience reach.
use analytics

Access Analytics

After some weeks analyze your Pinterest analytics based on impressions, engagements, pin clicks, outbound clicks and saves pins.
run ads

Run Ads

You can run your Pinterest Ads and promote your pins to drive brand awareness, engagements, and sales.

How to sell on Pinterest.

Know your Target Audience

Create Stunning Visuals

Use Rich Pins

Pinterest SEO is Important

Use Promoted Pins

Organize your Pins

Share user Generated Content

Use Content that Attract Users


What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest has proven to be an effective, engaging, and versatile marketing tool for marketers to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and generate sales.

How much does a Pinterest ad cost?

The Pinterest ad works on CPM basis (cost-per-mile) means the cost of your pin per 1000 views for CPM minimum of 2$ ad cost bidding and for per engagement average cost is 0.10$ -1.50$. Ad cost may vary depending upon Business to Business type.

Why my Pinterest Ad gets rejected?

Don’t use Keyword stuffing or violate Pinterest advertising terms and conditions otherwise your Pinterest Ad gets rejected. Before promoting your Pins pick your relevant keywords and build a strategy to see the great results.

How can I use Pinterest Marketing to grow my Business?

Post consistently and interact with your user to build relationships with your audience and increase your trust.

How many followers do I need to get paid from Pinterest?

It doesn’t depend upon the number of followers you have made so you can earn money from that. It depends upon your Business type and the strategy you have to build to earn money from Pinterest.

How can I see great results through Pinterest Marketing?

Just follow the points which we have mentioned and you do them on a regular basis and analyze the analytics based on demographics, interest, behavior, timing, and engagements to build your strategy for great results.

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