Plugins That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

Top 5 Plugins That Will Increase Your Conversion
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Conversion rate is the most important metric to monitor while running an online store.

Once your store is set up and traffic starts coming via SEO and paid advertisement, it’s time to see how many customers actually convert.

Let’s step back for a moment and take a look at what does conversion means? 

In eCommerce terms, conversions refer to a visitor purchasing your products and completing the checkout process.

In this complicated market of getting customers to convert, you can make your store’s conversions on fire by using growth-hacking plugins for WooCommerce.

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1 Referral system for Woocommerce In Conversion Rate

When current customers recommend your product or service to family and friends. Referred customers are 4 times more likely to convert and you can also expect more profit from them. 

The more your customers engage with your brand and share the word about you, the more likely they are to convert.

What is the most effective way to inspire your customers to make more referrals?

Referral System is a WooCommerce plugin that lets you create a successful referral program. With this program, your customers are rewarded with discounts and coupons when they refer friends and share the word about your brand in their social circle.

And the buddies they refer receive two good things in return: a positive, trustworthy recommendation and a compelling reward. And here’s the ultimate conversion formula!

You can reward both the referrer and the referee with the Referral System plugin if their referrals convert. The plugin generates a shareable link that customers can use for referrals.

Referral System integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin and allows loyalty points to be used as referral rewards.

Now, who doesn’t like earning loyalty points? 

2.Subscription Add-on for Woocomerce

Conversion happens when a customer visits your online store and makes a purchase.

What if there was a method of making sales without even getting customers to the store?

Getting your customers to buy from your store without even visiting is a legitimate way to hack conversion rates.

And you don’t even have to make constant optimization efforts in order to motivate people to buy from you. It’s because they have already subscribed so they get your products delivered whenever they need them without even visiting your store.

Subscription Add-on is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce which implements this amazing feature. Subscription Add-on is an add-on extension for WooCommerce Subscriptions that adds a neat functionality to your store.

On your checkout page, it offers a nice checkbox that asks your customers if they’d like to subscribe to the products they added to their cart. After selecting the checkbox, your customers can subscribe to the whole contents of their cart and choose their number of subscriptions so that they can get those items delivered at the time intervals they have chosen. 

3. Product table for Woocomerce

Consider this scenario. A customer visits your online store and looking fora particular product. He already knows the brand he would like to buy and the products he prefers.

Now it’s your responsibility to make sure he gets the information he needs as quickly as possible so that he completes the order and payment process. 

But things get complicated when he gets to the Product Category or Shop pages. But what he sees that The grid of products has no more information than the product name and a picture. Does he have to click on every product he thinks would match his preference?

The Product Table plugin makes this buying process more efficient. Instead of the grid format, an intuitive table layout lets the customer see important product information without having to click through every product and open its page. Customers can view and make purchases directly from the Product Table without even opening the Product Page.

4. Address manager for Woocomerce

The final stage of any online shopping journey is the checkout process. Nobody likes to fill out long, never-ending forms.

Your customers are wishing it could all completed in a quick so they don’t have to go through that process again and again. their details so they can get done with the checkout quickly 

Address Manager is a plugin that optimizes your online store checkouts process. It makes it possible by allowing your repeat customers to save multiple addresses in their accounts and then simply select them when the checkout page pops up instead of typing

Customers can even place orders and have them delivered to multiple locations with this functionality and support for multiple addresses. It’s a nice feature to have for a B2B eCommerce site where buyers usually place orders to replenish inventory at different locations of their stores.

5. B2B eCommerce for Woocomerce

to create a smooth, frictionless B2B experience online You have to fulfill the complex and unique business buyer needs and demands that are more complicated than what a direct consumer needs.

It is a WooCommerce plugin that includes all the essential B2B features you need to provide a smooth online experience for your business buyers.

The B2B eCommerce plugin includes features such as:

  1. Recruit buyers for your wholesale program through a sign-up form that is approved by the admin.
  2. Provide wholesale customers with customized pricing based on user roles, customer groups, average order value, and other factors.
  3. Offer buyers the capability to submit quotation requests and easily negotiate on price and quantity through a streamlined workflow.
  4. Custom payment methods such as net 30 or net 60 for individual customer accounts
  5. Gate pricing for unlogged-in audience

If you want to take part in the many B2B success stories out there, grab the B2B eCommerce WooCommerce plugin and be apart of the many wholesale business channels out there.

These WooCommerce plugins will give your business a major boost in sales and conversions. Install them and observe your sales increase.


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