How To Setup Your Own Job Listing Website (Job Manager): A Complete Step By Step Guide-

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Having a professional website is essential in today’s business world no matter what you feature on-site.

Ready to launch a website that lists jobs and enables others to search jobs through your website to help them find their new career opportunities. So let’s get started

Chapter -1  

What is a Job Listing website ?

It is the platform by which you can list different, different jobs, its location with their filed type on your site, and anyone can search jobs through your site and even can apply through it. Using is you can convert a site to job providing agency effortlessly. 

Features of Job Manager  

Full Control application Dashboard – No matter how many jobs you list or how many job application is applied you can have full access to view the status of the application, procedure, and many more thing.

Filterable job Lists – Seekers can easily filter out the job according to field and distance of job location and many more. It makes it a very useful tool to search out the job of your liking.

Quick Apply Jobs form – After filtering out the job, the Seeker can easily apply for the job by simply filling out a form. Not only you form If you wish you can ask for the Resume too. Fields of form are customizable if you require something you can easily add that field too.

And many more.

Chapter – 2

First Decide Through Which Platform to use for Job Manager.

When you start a business through a website, you have your own purpose. That means if you are looking to list multiple jobs on your site and let the seeker choose jobs from them. These platforms help you to build and manage your platform easily.

Different Platform to Choose From. These 3 are top priorities

  • WordPress – It is one of the easiest means to build and manage any website 
  • Laravel – It is also a tool through which can make their Websites without hassle but it needs deep knowledge of laravel because you need to handel backend processes through it.
  • Mangento – This tool helps big company and firms use this to make their website. 

You can choose to go with any one of them to  make a website. But all of them have some complexity to handle whereas wordpress is famous for UI/UX and ease of use of users.

Where as in wordpress features lets you to set up Job listing very very easy by providing specific features and on a simple management system. The UI/UX designed on wordpress designed in wordpress let you customize the feature and looks according to you will. That make it perfect tool to start from.

Claim your own domain

The first ingredients to make your online presence is your domain name. The domain name is the first step to interacting with the internet world.

Choosing a domain name

Your domain name is your identity by which people can search and uniquely identifies you, because

A well-defined domain name should be both memorable and unique, while also making sense for your business.

So basically the domain name is dedicated to a business brand name so the domain will always be catchy and easy to search for or if you don’t get your desired domain, don’t worry you must try some similar custom domain.

For eg if you plan to start a job staffing business and you choose a domain like your domain is complicated and difficult to rank so always try to choose simple like, so this type of domain is always considerable.

How to pick a domain extension

Without the extension, the domain will not work so individuals must select an extension, for eg (.com, .in, .org, etc) so basically, .com is a very popular extension so people always choose according to need. Here are some basic examples.

  • .com for universal
  • .net for tech companies
  • .org for nonprofits
  • .info for information-only sites
  • .club for interest groups

Domain purchasing and domain connection

If you want to have a problem starting a business online don’t worry, Zworthkey is your helping partner, and it is suggested to you the best and easy to search for and buy a domain. By which you can easily start building your website and running your business. 

Select a hosting provider for Job Manager

Hosting is a launchpad for any website so every website needs a host. A host is a company that sells or leases data space on its servers. Each page has its own space where you store the information for that page. Hosting companies can be thought of as property managers for the web.

There are two types of hosting that are offered by different hosting providers

1)Shared hosting is a type of hosting where multiple sites run on the same storage but for security purposes, it is totally secured.  

2)Dedicated Hosting is also a type of hosting in which a website runs on an entire server. The hosting is fast and the site is run fast through a dedicated server 

Zworthkey is providing a complete service where it can buy a domain for you and host your site according to your dedicated hosting plans. We serve our services to set up Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, GoDaddy, Bluehost, site ground, etc.

Chapter – 3

Find the right web design for your business

One of the most effective tools you have for establishing your brand is your website. The brand identity encompasses the following elements:

  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Packaging
  • Written content

Logos are the important identity of any website(Job Manager) it is directly proportional to the site name so logos are always trying to make unique because the website appearance starts with the logo so always making an attractive logo, and if you want to make a logo for your website then directly contact with Zworthkey for designing an awesome logo for Job Manager.

Typography plays a very important role because the sequence of content is always matters. so content flow makes our site appearance look good, so don’t choose too vast font styles. Try always 2 to 3 types of font style only to make a good appearance.

Colors also play a very crucial role because when making a website, color recognition is very important, because the color is the main part to beautify the website so always choosing a color is important and the color makes the website more attractive.

Written content- content is more important because without content the website is nothing because content plays a directional role and the website guides the user through content and the content is fully responsible for ranking, ranking is treated as identity and the world judges the site through ranking.

Zworthkey provides awesome services regarding web development because we have the best team who dedicate work to designing a website. We provide an awesome UI/UX representation before making a website’s best color combination, content representation.

With Zwortkey, you can choose from a variety of template designs, designer-approved fonts, and color schemes. Looking for the perfect match but not finding it? Not a problem! Color scheme and font can both be customized to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Imp Tips: 

All your landing pages should have the same color, font, and graphic style. The layout and the image choices can still be varied, but your brand identity will remain the same that way.

Design your pages-

You can now begin building your landing pages after you have defined your aesthetic. 

Making a website using drag-and-drop software, is one of the most enjoyable components of it.

CMS (content management system) Provide a dashboard where several types of website will be made like WordPress (CMS), Shopify, Megento, and so on. ln these types of cms are helping to make a website using drag and drop and the quality of the website will be scalable, which user start a successful business as Job Manager. 

A website builder tool has a lot of features by which you can work on each different-different section like header, footer menu navigation arranging page templates, customizing logo tasks. There are various job listings on site.

The main aim of anyone who makes a website is easy to navigate, and a detailed explanation of your business. And always try to make a good navigation menu bar by which visitors can easily go through the website. Always take in mind the dropdown bar will not get too laggy. Because the dropdown bar will catch the attention of anyone who visits the website first time and has a great experience to navigate the menu.

CTA Button, if you have a call-to-action button on your site, this feature will help you to generate a lead according to your business like an ecommerce store, or a staffing company, or software agency, etc . so CTA is directly proportional to more leads like hot and cold leads. The positioning of CTA on the website will be mostly in the header section  

Find an obvious spot for your call-to-action (CTA). It’s common for people to scroll down to find a call to action, but it might be more effective to put it at the top of the page. With Zworthkey you can make a full feature website according to your requirement.

Chapter – 4

How to Connect your payment Method in Job Manager

The payment method is not applied for all types of sites. The payment method is only applied to e-commerce based websites who sell the product online or provide services online either like selling a digital product like Digital Courses. Here services are lob listing, You let anyone to list their job at your platform and charge them for that listing. So if you think about starting an site through various CMS platforms like WordPress, Laravel, Magento includes a payment method you can only have a setup only and run your payment method easily.

Make your site search engine-friendly

Every business website owner should consider search engine optimization or SEO. Creating and optimizing content for search engines by connecting it with how your potential customers(Learner) find your products or services on Google.

There is no one search engine algorithm; Google still accounts for about 92% of searches, so it is best to optimize for Google. Search engines generally show the web pages that they believe are authoritative and relevant to what the user is searching for when they perform a search. Content that Google wants to show all your visitors is what makes it search-friendly.

While SEO rules change constantly, two things remain the same: quality content and keywords. If you wish to customize your content based on the keywords that people use to search for your type of product or service in search engines, do some research. It is important to create unique, descriptive content.

In addition, you should focus on building backlinks, since these links drive traffic to your site. Start linking to your website from your social media accounts as soon as you have one, and encourage others to do likewise. You can also encourage your audience to leave reviews on consumer review sites; this will increase the number of backlinks.

Chapter – 5

Let Seeker search for jobs in their own language no matter where they are in their native language. It makes them easily search the jobs. If you didn’t understand let made it clear


Most powerful features that make Ease convert your site into a Multi-Language site. To enhance your Brand Appearance in the World.

Reach a wider base of Seeker

If your website has more reachability, reaching the thousands or millions of online seekers from all over the world, you can instantly increase the number of visitors to your site. More visitors. 

Increased Conversion Rates

According to CSA Research, 72% of customers spend the majority of their time on sites with information in their own language. Having a multilingual website will result in global customers leaving the website right away when the content is not available to them in their native language. As a result, you see there is a cutback in the bounce rate. Due to the multilingual facility, you will get an Effective Client conversion Rate.

Multiple language support:

Get your website translated into 100+ different languages. Make it easy to use your eCommerce store with Multi-Language. Zworthkey will help you to make your online presence. If you are not getting sales, take our multilingual solution for your business.

Automatic Translation:
Get a hassle-free solution, automate your online business, Automatic translation helps you to build a multi-language language website in just a few clicks.

Improve online visibility

You can improve your Google ranking, Keywords, and meta description of your eCommerce website when you translate it.


Looking for an Ecommerce Solution.

Zworthkey is a software development company that works on PHP and markets other Businesses and Startups to boost their business.

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