Shopify’s Flexible Payment Methods With Shop Pay

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Shop Pay

Last September, we weren’t too tired to troll one of Shopify’s payment methods ‘shop pay’ Buy Now, Pay Later. In this topic, we are introducing the awesome feature of Shopify.

The Shopify platform has announced a new integration with Facebook that will enable Shopify users to make purchases from Facebook and Instagram Shops through the Shopify Pay payment system.

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Before going to start let’s talk about Shop Pay. Let’s know exactly what they are

Shop Pay

What is ‘Shop Pay’?

Shop Pay is a third-party payment method like Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. It allows them to pay in easy installments. It means ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’.In Shopify Shop Pay allows you to save the card details. For instance, your customer can add their shipping address, billing address for the faster check out whenever they pay next time.


Near a quarter of the USA, shoppers abandon their cart because of the long checkout process or difficulty in the checkout, or too complicated. A fast and reliable checkout process saves a lot of sales, you should have it otherwise you lose. 

google Trend

Paying Installment with shop pay:

Paying in installment with shop pay is powered and serviced by Affirm. It is only available in limited stores. Eligible stores provide the feature of the shop pay to its client. There are many Shop now pay later sites.

Why Should I choose Shop pay?

On the basis of proper research, the shop pay provide you “Buy now, Pay Later”

Opt for everyone who wants to buy a thing but doesn’t have Money. and he wants to pay on installment this is the right choice. It refers to shop online pay later.


Eligibility and Limitations:

  • Sign up in affirm to confirm your eligibility
  • Resident of USA
  • Sign up for Shop Pay
  • Add your debit card or credit card to your Shop pay account

Note: Paying in installment doesn’t impact the credit score of the User.


Let’s have a look at the google trend of previous 90days data. From Nov 2020 to Feb 2021.

google Trend

google Trend graph

How to enable Shop pay?

  1. From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings.
  2. Under Store settings, tap Payments.
  3. In the Shopify Payments section, tap Manage.
  4. In the ACCELERATED CHECKOUTS section, check Shop Pay.
  5. Tap Save.


Your customers can now use Shop Pay to check out on your store.

Supported languages.

Join the shop’s community in Reducing carbon or carbon offsetting. Let’s discuss carbon offsetting.

Shopify Carbon Offsetting Program2

What is Carbon offsetting?

In today the world, Every person is producing the carbon-di-oxide. Carbon Offsetting is a process by which carbon-di-oxide emission is helps to reduce the  Sometimes it is also called the Carbon footprint.

An offsetting project is one that resolves the emitted CO2 emissions (Carbon Footprint) from the individual, company, or organization’s activity by economically investing in a project to improve its environment as well as the social surroundings in the place where it developed.


Some Key to offsetting your Carbon Offsetting.




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