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Top 10 Shopify apps Which increase your Sales:–

Taking your brand online has become the most popular. But starting an online store isn’t the end of your work. Here are the top Shopify Apps Which you have unknown to it.

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), you’ll be seeking plug-and-play solutions to simplify your life. So There are thousands of Shopify Apps for you to choose from if you’re planning to expand your online store’s functionality. We are already known to the Retail App Point of sale, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook. These are the top retail apps in 2021.

It makes sense to highlight some of the best Shopify apps for all the essential features you need to operate a successful store. Here are some of the best Shopify app revenue-boosting apps available in 2021, no matter if you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Top Shopify Plugins.

You can easily learn how to make Shopify Apps? so To Get More Detail click here. These are the most popular Shopify Apps recommended by the User and seller.

Top Best Shopify Apps and Plugins:

1.Hubspot CRM

Hubspot Shopify app

From today onwards, it’s very compulsory to analyze your client Data. How many orders you have received? and you get the Full activity report of your sales. By this, you exactly know, what your client need’s better from your side. Top eCommerce apps Which increases the user creditability and user interface.


Best Shopify app, Oberlo dropshipping app

Oberlo is a platform where your product can be sale out by a third person with dropshipping. It provides access to a variety of courses covering a range of topics, including starting a dropshipping business, mastering marketing, and much more. Oberlo is the best Shopify apps for dropshipping.

3.Whatsapp Chat: WhatsApp chat + Messenger Chat

Whatsapp, Best Shopify App

  • Most website visitors will never purchase because they’re unable to find the product they Actually want.
  • get quick answers to their questions
  • Use WhatsApp to talk to your customers directly and answer all their queries. You can still communicate with them after they’ve left your website!
  • Gorgias, Reamaze Helpdesk, Tidio, and Chatra – suggestions for customer service and live chat apps.

4.Email Marketing: Privy Email

Best shopify email marketing apps privy

Grow Your Email List With Robust Targeting Capabilities

A person in your store may see a different message depending on their device type, shopping cart amount, page URL, browser type, location, and other factors.

Improve Your Conversion Rate With Campaign Triggers

Show your offer to website visitors at the right time to increase your website conversion rate. Set triggers based on time on page, scroll rate, exit intent, and frequency of visits.

Increase Your Average Order Value

Run cross-sell campaigns & free shipping bars to increase your average order value.

Measure Results With Real-Time

Monitor your revenue generation, key metrics + A/B tests with our real-time dashboards.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Send professional-looking newsletters, save abandoned carts, & set yourself up for repeat sales with order follow-up emails. Automate your email marketing all in one place with Privy Email.

  • Newsletters
  • Cart Abandonment Emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Purchase Follow Up + Customer Winback Emails
Text (SMS) Marketing

Use Privy Text to send triggered text messages including abandoned cart reminders & welcome messages.

5.Plugin Seo optimizer: 

top shopify Seo plugin optimizer

SEO plug-in keeps an eye on your webshop and makes sure all your SEO effort is put to good use. Because With this app installed, you won’t have to manually verify Google ranking, keyword density, the number of page views per second, broken links, or other SEO problems. It’s one of the best Shopify apps for search engine optimization and plugin SEO, or you can get more Shopify Seo Apps from Shopify App Store. Best Shopify Seo Apps which increase your Shopify Store.

          Helping stores improve their SEO rankings since 2015
  • Optimize your image ALT tags to boost your image search traffic
  • Make sure your meta tags (i.e. meta title and meta description) are relevant and optimized to rank and convert.
  • Get SEO Health Reports delivered to your inbox every week.
  • Check and reroute broken links to improve search engine optimization and conversion rates.
  • AutoPilot automatically fixes SEO issues for you based on the rules that you set.
  • We offer advanced image compression that dramatically reduces your image file size, decreasing page load times to help you rank better on Google.
  • Add JSON-LD support to your store automatically by managing Google Snippets.
  • Use our URL Keyword Optimization tool to ensure your URLs are optimized for success.
  • Make sure all your pages are indexed and crawled by Google by automatically building, maintaining, and submitting your store’s sitemap to them. They are available from the Shopify App Store.

6.Product reviews: Ali Reviews

top shopify Seo plugin optimizer

  •  Ali Reviews add all your reviews provided by your customers.
  • Review products from AliExpress in a blink
  • Import 100+ product reviews at a time in bulk with Oberlo and Ali Orders.
  • Ali Reviews will begin supporting import reviews through DSers AliExpress Dropshipping in early 2021.
  • Import from a CSV file: If you want to incorporate reviews from other sites besides AliExpress, the review data will be included in the file and we will handle the rest!

       Additional benefits

  • Optimize your store’s SEO by showing rich snippets like ratings and stars in Google search results at the click of a button
  • Publish reviews that meet criteria automatically or manually using a smart filter.

 7.Referral Candy:

Referral candy best shopify referral app

A customer who likes your product is far more likely to tell his friends about it, so you may be losing out on some sales if you don’t take advantage of it. So A Shopify app called Referral Candy allows you to create unique referral programs for your online store. Referral Candy is the best free Shopify app.


Shopify best app Printful

Your Shopify store can integrate with Printful printing solutions for selling t-shirts, mugs, posters and so much more. A printful is a powerful Shopify app that helps to print on demand like, Assume You have a t-shirt business, So any one person demands you to print its own logo or picture on its t-shirts. So their it requires the printful app. Printful is the best free Shopify App.

9.Currency Converter:

Best shopify app currency Switcher

So You may want to always show the displayed price in the home currency if your business is spread across more than one country. And Saving foreign customers the pain of math gymnastics by displaying prices in their home currency. But A foreign customer can also feel more comfortable in a store that accepts multiple currencies. So With Auto Currency Switcher app, customers can easily change the currency using a currency selection box or the automatic price conversion feature. 


10.Fraud order detection:

fraud protection shopify app

Shopify’s top fraud prevention app, NoFraud, has been deployed by millions of customers who trust our precision and great customer service.

  By providing real-time virtual Identity verification, NoFraud helps prevent eCommerce fraud. We have the ability to deliver an individual, real-time decision for each transaction (Pass/Fail) by analyzing thousands of data points and using virtually every fraud detection technology available.

But We provide an automated solution that is managed in-house, so merchants do not have to do anything. So All review is managed internally by NoFraud.



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