Top 5 Ways To Create Quality Backlinks For Your Online Store

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What Are Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks used to link from one web page to another. Quality backlinks typically come from sites with higher domain authority and are trusted by search engines. Backlinks basically give credibility to other websites. Each vote indicates a valuable, credible, and useful page for the search engine.

Links aren’t all the same.

In other words, if you want to boost your SERP ranking, make sure your backlinks are high quality.

Links from sites with high domain authority are more valuable and pass more “link juice” than those from sites with low authority.

A single backlink of high quality is 100 times more powerful than 100 links with low authority.

#1 Focus On Broken Links

The process involves contacting or informing the webmaster about broken links. Links that return an error of 404 are broken.

The process of contacting other website owners and informing them of broken links, while also recommending them to replace their content with yours is known as broken link building.

By reporting broken links to the webmaster, the chances of having a quality backlink will increase.

Now you might be wondering, how can I find broken links?

There are many options available for finding broken links, but SEMrus is a good solution for finding the broken links on a competitor’s website.

Let’s take a look at the steps:

Log in to your SEMrush account,

Go to Project>Site Audit 

Site audit is where you can diagnose your SEO problems. You will be able to check “Issues”, and here you’ll see all the ongoing problems of any website.

In addition to this, you will see two options:

  • Broken Internal Images
  • Broken Internal Links

What next in case you find broken links. ?

Create content relevant to broken links then find related content for that link. If you already have content related to the topic, good for you. But in case if you don’t have you have to inform the site owner about the issue before creating the master content piece.

How to connect with the website and its owners?

To check if there are broken links on a website:

Log in to SEMrush account

Domain Analytics > Backlinks, and then enter your broken link to check the resources.

SEMrush is a wonderful tool for getting all the information about a website or page like:

  • Type of backlinks
  • Anchor text
  • Referring domain
  • IPs
  • Source, Page Title, and URLs, etc

After getting the source, contact the owner. You can just email the website owner. inform the individual that the website they’re linking to is no longer available. Provide them with the specific location of broken links so that they can easily be found.

#2 Guest Posting

Guest blogging is the best way to grow your online store’s audience and create higher quality links for your product page.

By blogging on other popular websites, you can reach a new audience and win more readers. The goal of guest posting is not just to gain backlinks, but also to increase your brand image and your social followers.

You can also include coupons and discounts in your guest post article, which will attract readers and boost traffic to your store.

There are numerous ways to do this:

1.You can filter out guest blogging websites using Google search queries.

2. You can use social media as a method

  • You can search Twitter for people who accept guest posts. To manage the process, sign up for Keyhole. co and to get notifications of keywords that you want to write about.
  • Make sure to link to your social media profiles when publishing a guest blog. If someone enjoys your article, they can easily follow up with you for more articles like this in the future.

3.Utilize Tools To build Valuable Content

You can explore content research with SEMrush tools. You can use “Topic Research” to find out about the most popular topics online stores and websites.

Now you should draft the content. Be sure to provide valuable and educational content. Then reach your editor through email.

#3 Infographic Backlinks

Infographics are also a great way to boost traffic and create backlinks. Infographics are easily understood, acknowledged, and shared. Infographics are images and text to quickly convey information about any topic.

But how will it help for backlinking?

Excellent infographics are more likely to get shared, especially on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most profitable social networks for eCommerce marketers because it attracts a large audience with a high conversion rate.

#4 Use Customer Data To Create Content

Presenting data in a convincing manner is a great way to build backlinks.

You must be wondering how it will help your business gain backlinks.

By presenting a content piece about your customers and their buyer persona with full proof evidence.

For example: 

If you’re in a business of product base store There are chances, you must have a good customer email list.

  • What’s a better product for your skin? Ayurveda or natural?
  • How much does an average woman spend on beauty supplements every month?
  • Where do you prefer buying your products? Physical store or online?

Once you have collected your own data with this survey, now you can use it in your blog in a unique way.

  • 80% of customers purchase ayurvedic skincare products.
  • Every 2 months, women spend about $250 on beauty supplements.
  • Online shopping is more popular than normal shopping.

Due to this, other relevant online websites, when writing on related topics (beauty products), will naturally use your statistics, and will link back to you as a result.

#5 Use Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraping is the process of taking already great content and improving it.

After applying skyscraping techniques to a popular post on Google’s ranking factors, Dean will be surprised to notice that the page’s backlink profile has improved dramatically.

What should be done for skyscraping?

For using the skyscraper technique, firstly identify your target smaller market. If you have a specific thing in your mind, then you can use the SEMrush tool to look for your smaller market.

Simply type in your target keyword in the SEMrush search toolbar to see your competitors’ websites.

Once you have found your target article, you need to examine the backlinks, keywords, etc. After analyzing, you should examine what strategies, tricks, and resources your competitors are utilizing to get linked.

Now you have everything you need about your competitors and their articles. You just need to give the content an extra effort and add extra valuable information.



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