What is CMS? What Are Its Types ?

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People usually think that cms are just site-building tools or some of them describe it as some different features. But the question still remains the same. What is CMS ?

Technically speaking its definition is very vast and complex. Not only that it has branches also. Well to say that it manages the content is not wrong, that is what a content management system does but enterprises use it for managing their employee info with some extra features which can be some algorithm and all is called ECM or ECMS (enterprise content management system).

Now let’s talk about WCMS ( Web content management System). From its name, it is clear it is used for managing the content of the website. Which pages have what content, where it goes is managed by WCMS. We can say it like CMS as it also manages content through the dashboard.

Well now a day’s people termed WCMS as CMS especially in web-development I can’t say it the completely right or completely wrong. Through functionality, we can say WCMS is a subset of  CMS. In simpler terms, we can say that What so ever be CMS, ECMS or WCMS it just a content management tool which makes user to easily maintain and manage their contents. These are termed as different only on basis of their uses. 

That is it no gibberish talk that makes people sleep as they read this blog. No Boring definition anymore. Now according to the ongoing trend let talk about CMS which can be used in website Building(it will sound familiar as web CMS but let be as it is). If you wish to make a site for your own good you think you need to learn to code but with whom I am kidding with I know you guys already know that will be a lie. Site building becomes very simpler. All this happened because of the CMS’s current era. Let name them like


Most popular Cms 

  1. WordPress
  2. Shopify 
  3. Magento
  4. Laravel


Yes, all these are CMS. At first, I was shocked too because I have been using them without knowing what they actually really are.



Wordpress CMS

Very popular CMS as it is built on PHP and is open source as well as free. In the beginning, wordpress is free PHP cms used for blogging sites but later on, due to ease of its use, it becomes the entity on which we can build any site. WordPress makes website building as simple as child’s play. What you want, where you want you can choose through themes and FYI which is also available for free(at least some of them).


In terms of features of WordPress CMS


  • It is very easy to use WordPress and manage the content as it provides management through its dashboard.
  • Can Build any website using WordPress supports every type of user.
  • WordPress is secure as insecurity.
  • It supports E-commerce.
  • WordPress is SEO Friendly  


  For More click here



Shopify CMS

Shopify itself may be a CMS. A Content Management System for eCommerce website development. Shopify is an eCommerce website builder that permits sellers to style, develop, market, and sell their products. It’s like Magento. Many other CMS are available. Most of them are open source.


  • Shopify may be a SaaS-based eCommerce platform that permits you to create a web store and sell your products easily on the digital marketplaces. Shopify is monthly subscription-based. Here you’ve got to not worry about buying a hosting server, Domain, And other services.


  •  Shopify provides you its own hosting server in its plan. Shopify is the latest trending technology. Let’s have a glance at the Google Trends within the given sample which is given below.


  •  Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform over all of the newest technology.

For its plans click here


magento CMS

It is one of the premium eCommerce CMS supporting platform which helps people to build their eCommerce website. Magento also supports darg and functionality which makes it very easy to use.


Now talking about its features


  • Magneto supports SEO


  • It has cloud-based storage 


  • It works on Omi-channel    




Laravel may be a free open source CMS tool; so that you do not get to pay one penny to start over. Here customized CMS is the necessity of this time to manage the website seamlessly. We provide services that anyone enables to use CMS-specific features for business needs with lower complexity.


Advance features of our laravel CMS Developments.


1- You can control and manage the content displayed on the website through the Admin panel.

2- Media Content easy and effective publishing of rich media content and files.

3- Social media integration and supports.

4- SEO Friendly Themes which help in higher SEO ranking keyword content.

5- Fully customization you can customize your sire using plug-ins, extensions, and add-ons.



Well, each has its pros and cons.



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