What is Ecommerce? What it really does? 

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It’s not like that some people till now don’t know what is eCommerce. They do but they just don’t know that they do. Confused ha. ha….  

Technically speaking Ecommerce definition is it is the activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet.

If put the above phrase in simple words In everyday life, people buy/sell different products through the internet using a computer, mobile or any electronic device is eCommerce.
That’s how how you define the Ecommerce simply.

What it really does.

  • Store product reach Limitless
  • Makes the transaction easy
  • Make way to order
  • Help in managing the order 

Making the store products reach Limitless

Product Reachability

These days it is very common for people to buy products online such that they don’t hesitate to purchase products without knowing where they are being purchased from. Stores reach clients outside their locality, extending their reach beyond their Imagination.

As an example, if we wish to buy anything, what first thought come into the mind ‘let check it on one thing which we carry a lot in these days “Mobile Phone” where can I find it’ Right. This thought is now becoming so common that people are frequently buying the products from the store they never visited. This reachability of stores and their goods(products) is possible because of three things the first Internet, the Second is Phone and the third and most important is E-commerce.

Make way for Order 

Make Order


Different Ecommerce platforms are making selling online so simple that anyone with no technical knowledge can make their store and list their products on their store. These platforms are very user friendly. One’s the store is opened and products are listed anyone can place the orders and the eCommerce platform helps the user to have records on the order they are selling.


Make transactions Easy



Ecommerce not only keeps a record of the orders it also provides different ways to integrate the payment gateways to the online stores. Making it way easier to get payment methods updated means which have been common, simple, and trustworthy among people integrated to store through some shot of plugins or code. These payment gateway integrations help them have the price directly to their respective medium as simple as that.     


Helps in managing the order

Ecommerce Inventory

Only Keeping details and payment integration doesn’t make it fit to use. It also helps the user to manage its store’s inventory.  Means helps you list the stock on the product and reduce the stocks automatically on making the order of the particular product. Even it also helps you to set up or at least make way for the product shipping method.

In short, all the headache of the shopkeeper is managed by the Ecommece Platform itself.

Well in the market there are many options you to choose from for getting an eCommerce store online.

If you wish to sell your product by own self then you can build it on 



In which some of them are free some are not.

If you wish not to be hassle between to different things like shipping management and all to can choose existing site which supports in these fields are very popular like


  • Amazon
  • E-bay
  • Flipkart
  • AliExpress
  • Etsy


It totally depends upon you do you choose each have its pros and cons.


Ecommerce is a platform that we use daily to buy the product online.


If you wish to sell products online there many options available in the market.



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