What is Laravel Framework?

What Is laravel framework
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Laravel is an open-source PHP Framework. It is robust and utilizes the MVC(Model-View-Controller) design pattern and is highly robust and easy to understand, It reuses existing components from other frameworks to build web applications.

what is laravel framework ?

The web application that results from this design is more structured and pragmatic.

The development of web applications that are known for their exceptional characteristics like high performance, fine performance, articulated ORM systems, Multiple Authentication Options, Expandability, Caching, dedicated SQL builder, RestFul API controller, Uncomplicated coding rules.

Laravel Framework enables Programmers to create custom templates, route data flows, and query databases. Eloquent ORM’s database tables are presented as classes for easier manipulation and access to data.

Laravel Framework provides a full feature to develop a CMS, CRM, and ERP type software that is used for commercial business and you want to add an advanced feature you can customize here.

Why Do We Implement Laravel in Our Applications?

Why Do We Implement Laravel in Our Applications_

1- You can either build your own packages for code you regularly use or use pre-packaged packages via Composer.

2- An Authentication System that suits any context.

3- ORM (Object-Relational Mapping). Eloquent ORM’s database tables are presented as classes for easier manipulation and access to data.

4-An easy to use the command-line interface (CLI) that comes with hundreds of built-in commands (Artisan).

5-Tests for the Automated Testing feature are an integral part of Laravel Framework.

6- A portable, virtual development environment. Homestead includes all the tools developers need to get up and running with Laravel right away.

7- A caching system for quickly retrieving information stored at a temporary storage site. In Laravel, nearly everything from perspectives to paths is cached.

8- Laravel works with database migrations. Instead of using SQL, only PHP to create your database structure.

9- Laravel Framework allows you to craft complex layouts with its template engine.

10- Laravel Framework also has its own API integration system.



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