What Is React and Why It Is Popular Now a Days | Explain In Short

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What Is React

Hi, guys people usually ask me about React js a lot like What is react? For what it is used for? How or When to use it? Well, to answer these questions I am writing this blog lets go.

What is React? 

React is the most famous open-source library of JavaScript which used to build interactive UIs(user interfaces) with ease. That its original definition according to me.

What is JavaScript?

what Is javascript

Javascript is a scripting language that allows you to implement complex features of pages. To be more clear JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content.

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What are JavaScript libraries? 

Libraries are pre-written codes that allow easy development of respective based applications in this case JavaScript-based applications.  It helps developers to build the app through it which makes developing apps easy and less time-consuming as all the default thing is set by the library itself.

Coming back to react, let’s talk about 

For what it is used?

React is in marketing making difference for a long time now. Making interactive UI design is very easy before React developer uses jquery or javascript to make UIs.DOM rendering and state management are all that React is concerned with. It is used to build UI for single-page applications. Apps that are platform independents are another thing.

How or When to use it?

The developing project requires too many steps from modification to managing the data flow and changing the view or we can say the state. Yes, these states are what make the complex apps to use easily.

If your project involves many components with different, often changing states. Navigating through these states is one of the most complex elements in development.

React is declarative in nature even for the components that make it very easy to handle the complex structure of states.



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