What is Woocommerce? | How it is different than Shopify?

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What Is WooCommerce

There are and always will be (at least I hope soo) never-ending battles between two e-commerce supporting platforms. One is Woocommerce a popular plugin of wordpress whose sole purpose is to build a web-store on the site sweet and easy. On the other hand, there is Shopify a famous e-commerce supporting platform which is emerging in the market. Let’s dive in.

What is Woocommerce?

As I mentioned Woocommece is nothing but a wordpress free plugin. WordPress is the free platform as I talked about it in my previous blog. Besides talking about the plugin of WordPress, Let me tell you there are plenty of plugins on WordPress which features is only limited for Woocommerce. I’m not saying it is best but I can say this one is better.

Features of Woocommerce

If we talk about the features there will be lots to discuss. But I will try to narrow it down to some points.

  • Customization of plugins
  • Custom Themes
  • Unlimited products
  • Supports the website


Customizations of plugins are features that add the features. This means woo-commerce plugins allow you to modify your owns features and even add your own like wordpress including all its features isn’t it cool.


Custom Themes themes are the look and feel of the site in this case web-store too. Woo-commerce allows users to customize this look and feel. I mean Woocoomerce automatically added pages like store page and single product page you can even these pages too.


Unlimited products yes it true Woocommerce allows you to upload as many products as you want no restriction no additional charges.


Support the Website as we know woo-commerce is a wordpress plugin thus it will support all features of wordpress, which means if you previously have a website it will be still there as it is no changes. 

What is Shopify

What Is Shopify


Shopify is the Saas based eCommerce platform that allows users to build their own online store and sell their products. Now the question arises what is Saas? Then let me tell you Saas stands for Software-as-a-service it delivers you the prototype of the software on a subscription basis.

Simply saying it is a software that allows you to sell your product on its own platform. Ahhh why it’s so difficult to explain. Let try it once more. Shopify is a prebuilt platform that allows your own store and sells your products which is a subscription-based plan.


Frankly speaking, I’m still not satisfied but let it be. It will be cleared as you follow the blog.


Features of Shopify

  • User friendly
  • Self Hosting
  • Multi-channel Integration

User Friendly nowadays every tool is being developed keeping in mind of a user who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of coding Shopify is one of them. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

Self Hosting being saas Shopify provides hosting itself to all it store which build on Shopify. As your shop lives on the Shopify server.

Multi-channel Integration allows the user to sell their products from their Shopify store itself.



Comparision Between woocommerce and Shopify

Now, let’s compare these two in a classic manner.    




  • You don’t have to worry about the domain and hosting.
  • You have to buy a domain and hosting it wouldn’t provide any of it.
  • It has different subscription plans with pros and cons.
  • It is free and no limitation on the product limit. You can add as many products as you want.
  • The store will be on the Shopify serve always.
  • The store will be on the server of your hosting.
  • The apps add functionality to the store. But these apps are a bit costly
  • Plugins add functionality to stores, but it has less costly even some of them are available for free
  • It gives the theme to build the website
  • It has different themes even you can add different features even allows customize the theme with no limitation.
  • Supports Multi-channel selling. Menas you can sell your product to other stores like Amazon, Flipkart.
  • Provides integration for multichannel selling
  • Customization is a bit tough as a store on Shopify server
  • It is an open-source plugin.
  • It has some percent of transaction fees for each transaction.
  • Doesn’t have transaction charges.



The store building is simple and easy but it will charge you monthly some currency. Though it is user-friendly it lacks customization, it is a bit difficult as your store will be on the Shopify server.


If you have a hosting and domain then you are good to go. No extra charges are there. Each and everything is free. In terms of customization, it is an open-source plugin that can easily customize to the extent you want. 



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