What Is Shopify and Why we use It?

Why we use Shopify
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Shopify is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform that allows you to build an online store and sell your products easily on the digital marketplaces. Shopify has a monthly based Subcription plan. Here you have not to worry about buying a hosting server, Domain, And other services. 

  • Shopify provides you its own hosting server in its plan. Shopify is the latest trending technology. Let’s have a look at the Google Trends in the given sample which is given below. Because It is one of the leading eCommerce platforms over all the world.
  • Firstly we are going to know about Saas.

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So the question is that Why Shopify is sass-based?

Many of you often have queries about why we choose Shopify as an e-commerce platform? So before getting started with this let’s know about saas-based eCommerce platform.

SAAS or SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE  is a prototype delivering software on a subscription-based plan. It’s often called a cloud-based system. A cloud-based system often accesses through the web browser of your computer, laptop, mobile. and This user gets a license to access the service via the internet.

  • Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery prototype in which software is access to the user and accessed via the internet.

Popular example Saas eCommerce platform SHOPIFY,  SHOPIFY PLUS,   BIGCOMMERCE, MAGENTO,  WOOCOMMERCE,  WIX,  SQUARESPACE,  3D CART,  PRESTASHOP. These are the latest eCommerce trades. but In  these Shopify is leading on the top of the eCommerce trend 

Why we use Shopify?

In today’s run of the race, Every person wants good Quality services, Online Shopping has Developed vastly and covered all markets as very some and peoples have become more comfortable paying online.

  • Shopify is full of rich-features and user-friendly. All things are integrated into the perception of the merchant.

Last month, Shopify announced that it had enabled over 500,000 organizations in different countries through its platform. So, Since 2012, the quantity of traders on the Shopify stage has developed yearly at a normal pace of 74%, and these retailers have accomplished over $40 billion dollars in deals and More than 1.2 million individuals are effectively utilizing the Shopify backend stage.

 Ecommerce Trends:

Ecoommerce Trend


1. Quiet User Friendly:-

    Shopify is so much user friendly that even those who haven’t prior knowledge Of e-commerce platform & Without any knowledge of coding they will create Online stores are very efficient and quick. Because It uses multiple Native Languages. 

2. Easy to Set Up:-

Because It has a drag-drop feature and Web builder easy to build a store with the help of it. It also provides free and paid pre-designed templates with more than 100+ paid and 7+free templates.

3. top-notch Support System:-

By picking this web-based business stage, online dealers can profit from nonstop client service. Shopify specialists are accessible all day, every day through email, live visit, or telephone to determine any questions and keep the store running perfectly consistently. Because it is easy to use.

4. Easy to sell on channels like Amazon, Flipkart:- 

Your online store is like a home-based shop, where you can easily sell and interact with your audience easily. So there are different ways to attract your customers.

  • Providing proper information about your product.
  • The relevant and effective cost of the product.
  • Zenvenue products impress your audience.
  • Optimize your site for local customer search

5. Big brand companies are using Shopify:-

 So Like Royal Enfield, Raymond, Fabmart, Shalinindia, Baajao, Noise, Big brand companies are using Shopify.

but It also provides the most reliable and Secure Payment Environment. It uses unlimited Bandwidth and supports more than 100 payment gateways.



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