Woocommece And Its Features. Is it really that good?

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Woo-Commerce Features

Howdy folks How it’s been. You are here on this blog means that you want to sell products from your wordpress site or you want to sell your product or you are confused with the wordpress e-commerce supporting platform. Well, then this blog is for you as it describes Woocommerce features. 

Woocommerce is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress. It is a plugin, which means it adds functionality to the site and its functionality is it made your website a webstore too. (If you have the website then)Well, what did it actually means, it means that if you activate the woocommerce plugin on your website then a product page will be added to your site. It doesn’t mean the structure of your site will be rendered no that’s not gonna happen. Your site and all its content and structure will be the same nothing will change.

Woocommerce Features

Well as a user I feel if this topic arises then there will be a lot to tell. But to keep it simpler let’s just focus on what it offers.

  • First, it is a free plugin
  • Manage the Store
  • Multi-channel support
  • Multi-Site support 

Woocommerce is free?

As for now, I am not going to talk about wordpress if want to know about that then click here. Now if you are here let start talking about woocommerce. Like WordPress, Woocommerce also inherits the features of wordpress in customization. If your wish to sell 10 or even 10000+ products in your store, you don’t have to spend any single penny it absolutely free.


Manage the store

If you are new to woocommerce then let me tell you it will not only adds the product pages it gives you the platform to sell and even helps you to manges the orders even the manage the inventory for your store.

Sell product

The product is the good you are providing to the client online. Woocommerce helps you add your product easily by adding a simple option on the dashboard. Not only that it also gives different product types which their features like SKU, sale price, regular price, description, tags, inventory, and whatnot.

Add Product

Manage Orders


Only enlisting products are not where the webstore stops, the challenge is to keep track of inventory on the basis of order and notify when product stock is empty and also stop taking the order of that product. Well worried, don’t worry these all things are managed by woocommerce itself. At the time of adding a product, it gives the option of inventory, and a check box “Enable stock management at product level”  is selected then you can current stock of your product and also add a “Low stock threshold” for notifying that product is soon will be empty. Even you can have the backorder of products whose quantity is 0 by “Allow backorders?”.

If you wish to set up your webstore step by step then click here

Manage Order

Multi-channel support

Multi-channel is when you enlist the product on your webstore but also sell on Amazon Facebook, Flipkart, etc. from your own site is called multi-channel. Woocommerce different integration to support different channels and also manage your product inventory of orders.

Multi-site support

There are many shop owners who own multiple shops or want to sell the product on different site or subsite. In woocommerce, this possible by simply making a store and other be child stores. With simple integration, this can happen as woocommerce support rest API of free where you can add multiple sites.

These things sometimes cause many issues so I Recommend you to let that Handel by experts.

Hope this will let you help make your decision. Thank You 



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